Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Aries Full Moon September 23 - 5:17am

As I indicated HERE, the tension between Saturn and Pluto is palpable especially between now and September 30th.

That is quite an environment and then to throw in tomorrow’s big ol’ Aries full moon---well, let’s all get a seat down front because someone is throwing a punch. And given the moon will be in conjunction with Jupiter and Uranus---the punch will be big and it be from out of nowhere. We can either feel it personally (early Libras, Capricorns, Aries and Cancers should go on Def Con 1). Or it will be something we see out in the greater public. Part of the reason why I have not given the “All Clear” from the cardinal aspects of this summer is because of this full moon and next month’s Libra Lunar phase. As I indicated numerous times, I would like to get through Libra before I totally relax.

Anyway, The Full Moon (September 23 at 5:17am EDT) also is picking up on the Mars conjunct Venus in Scorpio---this puts emphasis on sex and other people’s money and investments and crimes in general.

In my neck of the woods I found it timely that city officials from the southern California town of BELL were unceremoniously thrown in jail yesterday. Their crime? Ripping off the hard working citizens of the small town and taking ridiculously large salaries. ( For example $500,000 for the Police Chief?)

Will be seeing more of this while Saturn and Pluto do their tension filled dance.

Cha cha cha.


  1. Aha! Thanks, Tracy for 'splainin' it to me. . . this week someone on our tiny island in Maine didn't just vandalize my art signage by the road, they picked it up and smashed it into smithereens all over the place! Another thing...two groups I belong to took votes at meetings on critical issues and then a few days later a few people who disagree with the vote want to go back and take a revote, like little Aries babies who haven't gotten their way. Or like Republicans who still can't believe Obama won the vote. There's so much chaotic ch'i flying around right now it's driving me crazy.

  2. Ah, FishGirl, how lame and pathetic that your signage was vandalized. And on a small island in Maine? Like you aren't going to figure out who did it???? --check your local teens by the way.
    We'll have more of this Aries energy come back to us next year when Jupiter and Uranus are direct and have moved out of Pisces for good....these are bumpy times between now and 2012 (and 2015). phew!