Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Virgo New Moon

As always you will find my whole New Moon in Virgo article HERE

But here is a little snippet:

Congratulations! We made it to Virgo New Moon! How are you feeling? A little beat up? A lot exhausted? Stretched like a rubber band? It has been a tough summer but finally the super icky cardinal aspects have passed. One part of us can breathe a little easier, but I will not let down my guard until Libra lunar cycle is complete then we can put on a party hat (sort of) for a month or two. In the meantime we are still processing the hangover of the cardinal aspects from the summer. All of that tension put emphasis on breaking free, power plays, feeling manipulated and manipulating, righteousness and creative breakthroughs no less painful than childbirth. In short, all of us were on the same summer vacation ….we were in that hotel between a rock and hard place.

Now, after all that tension we wash up on Virgo shore. How perfect! Of course, “Perfect” is a Virgo word or more specific ‘perfecting’ is Virgo. Virgo is the second earth sign of the zodiac and therefore is rooted in grounded information. It is not airy fairy, it is not overly emotional and it is not rash. It likes to think things through before it acts. It loves to build upon existing structures and fine tune them. Perfecting things and offering up realistic, practical, logical solutions. Imagine a house with its foundation, walls and roof. At first glance the house is built. But on closer inspection we see that pipes need to be laid and tightened, sewer lines need to be separated from incoming fresh water pipes, electrical outlets need to be inserted, in short –the house needs details before it can be a thriving home. Those important details are where we are now. If we think about the bumps we experienced in the last few months and the feelings that came up ---we probably can find an area (or areas) that has the beginnings of a new foundation but needs help to move us to the next step. This is not a time of the year where we get perspective by looking back and assessing where we have been. Nope, that is another lunar cycle. Right now we are still stinging from summer but we must stay close to the job at hand. What details need to be put in place? What daily work can be applied to our foundations? Our mind will be circling the concept of how we spend our days. Where do we put our time? And is it in synch with those new foundations? If it is not we will now need to make practical changes to our daily life so we are in synch with what we want for our life.

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