Sunday, August 29, 2010

Looking Ahead

Well how was that full moon for you? For me, I'm glad it is over. I felt burdened with more responsibility than normal. I longed for a sunny breezy week of summer I ended up with endless tasks, a tinge of loneliness and finding help only when I paid for it. Not what I consider a banner week but a perfectly lame full moon during a mercury retrograde. Glad that is fini.

This week we have disseminating and last quarter moon where we will have a Sun conjunct Mercury on Friday August 3 which should bring a slight a-hah moment (hate that expression but it fits) in the same vein when your mind thinks back upon something from the past with a new awareness. "Wait a minute, I think Dad was fired from his job in the 70's" We will get some insight on something that may be helpful or practical given Sun and Mercury are conjoining in Virgo. Of course since it is a retro mercury it will have a looking back feeling.

In terms of lunar aspects there is a Moon square Neptune on August 31 (2:39pm EDT) that will bring in something fuzzy or unclear. But it should not last long given a few hours later Uranus and Jupiter aspects will bring us something charming and unique

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