Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jupiter & Pluto

Jupiter Square Pluto Tuesday August 3 1:32am EST

Jupiter who has a very big mouth and throws around laws and judgements and is in the fiery sign of Aries will form an exact square to Pluto who is stealthy, sneaky and as powerful as nitroglycerin. What happens when someone shakes up nitroglycerin? Well, you do the math.

This aspect is part of the cardinal crisis that we are feeling all month including others (remember Uranus and Saturn are still throwing weight around on this mess). With Jupiter there is a judgement and opinion and with Pluto there is power and betrayal and sometimes power through betrayal. Aries wants to break new ground, do his own thing, not be owing to anyone and more importantly not answer to anyone. Capricorn of course is "anyone". Capricorn will ask "why should I give you ____?" Capricorn lives for authority, it either wants to be the boss (and probably should) or it wants to uphold the status quo---"Long live the Queen!" or "Long live the Dow Jones!" As you can see these two energies have a rub.

And the fact that these two planets are strong and effective in such difficult signs---well, it is not an understatement to say, expect POW, WOW,SOCK EM, KNOCK EM.

If you feel your own self at war remember the houses that these two signs impact in your chart. See if the tension that comes up makes sense for these two battlers. My suggestion is for you to take the tension and try to make it work for you. Jupiter is not without vision so under your big opinions and judgements you should ask, "What do I want for me? Where do I see my life going?" and then with Pluto who is of course stealthy and sneaky but under that he is very much connected to the power of change. So ask, where do I need to effect change to get the life I vision for myself? How can I do it? Focus on you and things will be more manageable. You'll be in trouble if you try to focus on changing others. That is one big KA-BOOM!


  1. Lordy:

    When's this stuff going to simmer down again? I'd like to start counting the days until the pressure cooker eases up--I sure am feeling it!

  2. yeah, yikes. I heard about that on the news while driving.

    I am telling my friends I will not feel completely comfortable until October.