Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pisces Full Moon

Full Moon Pisces

Tuesday August 24 1:04pm EDT

01 Pisces 25

Welcome to Pisces Full Moon. I apologize for not getting this up sooner but summer is crazy busy in a house with an active boy. ‘nuff said.

Well, it has been full moon for nearly eight hours and I’m sure you are feeling it. Emotions are up high with Pisces since it is a water sign but the Sun at 1 degree Virgo brings a sensibility to our powerful feelings. Pisces evokes pain and suffering and perhaps a feeling of “what’s the use?” But Virgo will not allow us to wallow, we are motivated by a sense, “Yeah, I guess it is shit but there is nothing I can do about it---and then Pisces responds, “Yeah, the only thing left is to release it----and then Virgo finalizes it with “let’s move on, it’s the only practical thing left.”

And that’s what the next 2.5 days is about. Some people might say, “let go, let God.” But that’s not accurate for this energy. It is just a feeling of finality or maybe more to the point would be the old expression, “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

If old issues come up and you are sick and tired of them then use Pluto’s sextile Moon/Trine Sun to release them. Just say it,”I give up” and stop fighting it. Go with the flow.

Neptune conjunction with the Moon (out of sign) will also provide some comfort with the out-of-control feelings. And anyway haven’t we learned “control” is an illusion 90 percent of the time?

Finally, the sun has a nice trine with North Node which always gives us some kind of gift. Perhaps an entre’ somewhere? A door to something we had never considered?

Here’s a novel idea, maybe the timing (virgo) works best when we get the eff out of our way and stop pretending we ware in charge (Leo).

There, you heard it here---go release now!


  1. Hi Tracy,

    Your depiction of this full moon seems to be exactly the kind of thing I'm working thru. My difficulty in letting go of the same old thing is my personal situation needing attention. I just don't know how to give this up without it really dragging me further down. My struggle is "I am so tired of being wrong all the time". Now of course it's not 0 right and 4 million wrong, but there is nothing close to balance. Finding right is like looking in a haystack. It seems I can't say or do much of anything right past hello and goodbye, and yesterday I even screwed that up. Any suggestions how this FM might otherwise help? I do feel an affinity with the moon cycles and do like to utilize beneficial focus.

    Good article, obviously valuable and pertinent.


  2. Your words hit home with me also. I may or may not have an income by the end of this year (college adjunct). I may or may not receive financial support from my soon-to-be-ex husband. My son is three, childcare options limited here & very expensive, not to mention the area in which I live is short on living-wage employment and high on educated, experienced folks. With this moon came a flash of the usual fear: what am I going to do if... And though I've ben managing to just scrape by for the past few years, I am getting so. very. tired. of the constant uncertainty. Not that anything can be taken for granted today, but from one season to the next I have no idea how I'll keep us going here. But enough go-arounds have taught me that somehow we manage, we'll get through. Worst case scenario money-wise will be survived--as long as my boy is healthy and in my life, we can deal. Time to let go of the fear and keep on putting myself out there until I finally get a break.