Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Countdown to Mercury Retrograde

I hope you have August 20th circled on your calendar because starting this Friday at 3:59pm * EDT---Mercury will begin its three week retrograde. Spend as much time as you can between now and then plotting your calendar and taking care of loose ends. Yesterday, I believe I sent at least 50 emails/letters/phone calls taking care of stuff. I need to book appointments so I'm calling now and booking them for on the other side of the retrograde. I had other pieces of businesses that I had to attend to and believe me I want it down now. And most importantly I have a big event I'm in charge of Right Smack in the Middle of the retrograde and I'm trying to organize as much of it as I can between now and Friday so that when the shit hits the fan (and it will) I'll be more prepared.

If you didn't get a chance to read about this Mercury Retrograde in my new moon article I'll repost here:


And then just to make things extra cuckoo we have Mercury turning retrograde on August 20th at 20 degrees of Virgo. Since we are all seasoned pros we know the rules of Mercury retrograde. We do not make major purchases or sign important documents. And since this retrograde is happening during summer and many people have vacations planned, prepare plenty of extra time to arrive at your destination. If you normally get to the airport one hour in advance of your flight, plan to give yourself two hours. Call your hotel a week before and make sure your reservations are secured, same with the car rental. Do not take anything for granted. And for those of us who are not on vacation we should expect things to break, things to not work, things will go haywire and miscommunication will peak. Those of us who are smart will not over book our calendars because it will overwhelm us. On the bright spot, because Mercury rules Virgo (and Gemini) there is certain comfort that Mercury feels when it transits this sign which will take some of the edge off the retrograde--- meaning any bump in the road will be understood as just a bump. We will be less inclined (hopefully) to personalize the mistakes and hurdles as a cold, heartless god out to make our life miserable. Hurray for one perk! Of course, I’m a Sag so I find these retrogrades in Virgo (and in Gemini) to be a bit of a mindbender but still they are more tedious than emotional. The retrograde will last until September 12th but if you want a wider view you can take it from shadow point to shadow point meaning between August 1st and September 28th. But still the bitch of the time frame is during the actual retrograde (Aug 20th and September 12th ) we may just revisit stuff during the longer window.

* my apologies I had an incorrect time up for the last couple of day--i read my uranus retro notes by accident.

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