Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Uranus' return to Pisces

Back on New Moon we discussed Uranus' move back into Pisces HERE


On August 13, Uranus which has been retrograde since last month will cross out of Aries and into Pisces where it will remain until March 11th. This will give our warring side a bit of a respite. Ever since the last week of May when Uranus moved into Aries we have been pissed off. Don’t believe me? Ask yourself what you thought of BP at that time? TeaPartyers have been blowing their top (no pun intended) and the warring rhetoric in general has been high. The angst we have been feeling both personally and globally is for change and a new landscape. Of course the change is not coming fast enough which makes everything all the more harder. But when Uranus moves back into Pisces we will calm down a bit and find out if we have the deep connection to spirit to really get the job done. Sure, people say they want this and they want that but do they have the mettle to do it? What do they call upon within themselves to persevere? Especially when things get really tough. It will be during this next six months while Uranus is in Pisces that we can strengthen our ties (perhaps in an unusual way) with our maker so that next spring when Uranus moves into Aries for the long haul (8 years) We will have the real skills to make real changes in our life and not just shoot off our mouth about what we want. Aren’t we over that now anyway?

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