Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mars In Libra aspects, Venus enters the fray

Last Thursday Mars, the warrior planet moved into Libra the sign of relationships and balance. This by itself is snarky enough but at the same time we already have Saturn in Libra which has us pulling up our bootstraps and working on our abillity to 'relate' and relationships in general. On Friday and Saturday Mars opposed Uranus and then conjunct Saturn which amped up the juice and I'm sure made for a crunchy, perhaps bitchy Friday and Saturday. Perhaps we will get a reprieve on Sunday (accent on 'perhaps') but the week amps up again and with it comes more of a sense of urgency.

On Wednesday August 4 Mars opposes Jupiter at 12:20am and also on August 4 it squares Pluto at 12:58. It is impossible to overstate the volatilty of these aspects. Last week's wikileaks certainly speak to the energy and we should expect more potent action this week both globally and personally. What are you fired up about? How is it impacting your relationships? Or what is worth you being fired up but you are opting out? For the sake of your relationship? Are you remembering we all drive on two way streets?

On Friday Venus moves into Libra and once it does this it will begin it's (hideous) dance with all the other cardinal planets. Venus is money and currency. Its first hit will be an opposition with Uranus on Saturday August 7 at 3:59 am. As I say often, I am not an econoastrologer but given the aspects we are experiencing with the outer planets and now the inner planets are in the mix in a profound way--including Venus---well, in my mind, this week everything is on the table including our money.

Grab the oxygen mask if you see it falling.

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