Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pluto & The Times

My good friend and astrologer Carol Tonsing and I were ruminating on Pluto's current journey when she pointed out something I had not even considered.

As you know, I 've been fascinated with this vampire's been around for some time via the Anne Rice books, but the new vampire series are bringing this character very deeply into modern culture. Especially True Blood, which has vampires doing blogs, drinking synthetic blood, entering politics, demanding their rights. I noticed with the vampire's blogs that fans are writing to the characters just as if they exist. It has incorporated characters from ancient cultures: the maenad, the werewolf, the vampire itself and fantasized a dialogue between the supernatural ancient creatures and the modern characters.

Then there's the idea that vampires are buried underground, in crypts or coffins, that they are creatures of the earth...fossils, like fossil fuel! But the vampire fossils are feeding on us, instead of vice versa.

The whole detox craze now is about digging in our bodies.

Been listening to Plutonian old timers like Merle Haggard, a very Pluto/Neptune singer, spent time in jail, etc. Somehow I find that deep trailer-trash voice appealing now. I also love the TV show "Pickers" where guys roam the country looking for valuable junk in hellacious places ..... There's a whole lotta digging going on.

Once again, Pluto is going on everywhere....hidden in plain sight.


  1. I'm starting to think Pluto may have a part in ruling the fluff mundane (you know, like this tv show, or all tv shows, or Hollywood?) that's a cover for what's really going on (the fact that our traditional authority we used to look up to are now predatory agents - doctors, lawyers, and probably the gov't soon enough, because we're going to be paying for the stuff Obama's charging on to our debt). I have a firm feel for Cap Pluto now. Urgh.

  2. actually pluto is not the fluff or mundane --really the opposite. But what is also Pluto is "The Masses" and I think that is what you are feeling.

    oh, yeah, and debt. I think beyond obama and the debt is what we spoke of earlier. The fact that this country and a lot of the world is run on the paradigm....spend and buy.

  3. Nope, what I meant was the Pluto process incorporates and hides what's going on beneath stuff that's really extraneous, distracting, "fluffy", and that makes it part of the process too. Think of something decaying, is every munchy bite of the bacteria or worm "deep"? Though it's part of the process it's actually unconscious and shallow. While something's decaying it's creating stuff on the top you'd need to scrape off or blow away to see what's going on, as well.