Thursday, August 19, 2010

What is bugging you?

I had not been able to poke around over to MountainAstrologerBlog in a few days and was happy to see a new posting by Mary. I haven't had a chance to click on her link to Marshall Vian Sumners but I liked what she said about his discussion of "appropriate discomfort." HERE's the link to TMA where you can read more. But here is a small tidbit.

I’m just going to offer a few thoughts about Jupiter and Saturn, then link to several astute bloggers on some of the week’s other topics.

My friend sent me a link yesterday to a New Dimensions radio interview, Preparing for Global Change, with a gentleman named Marshall Vian Summers. I thought his ideas were curiously in sync with the current Jupiter-Saturn opposition.

He spoke of the importance of really looking at your situation and noticing what is bothering you. He called this “appropriate discomfort,” which I thought a good image for the opposition. Summers spoke of stability and strength to weather change and the resiliency to absorb crisis. He also has an interesting idea on the “four pillars” that will bring balance into your life; though not exactly parallel, they do resonate with the four angles in the horoscope. (If you’re interested, you can listen to the interview for free until August 18.)

As astrologers we know that the opposition (180º) symbolizes the ability to contain paradox; it offers the gift of maximum objectivity. In this particular planetary pair, we could say it is the maximum tension between feeling remorseful and incomplete and feeling open and generous; between accepting reality as it is apparent right now and recognizing what is blossoming from this very moment.

In the Greek telling of the tale, Zeus (Jupiter) deposed Kronos (Saturn) as ruler and liberated his father’s imprisoned brothers, Poseidon (Neptune) and Hades (Pluto). Zeus escaped the fate of being swallowed and was rewarded with thunder and lightning. Zeus was gifted with the magnificence of thunder and lightning and became the God of the Sky; this story hints at the possibilities in our own Jupiter experience.This opposition is the culmination of the conjunction of the two planets in May 2000 at 23º Taurus. (If you’re feeling brave, look back to that time and see if you remember how much money you had then.)

I have been saying for awhile that there is no greener grass anywhere. This to me speaks to the saturn/uranus/pluto tension. Whatever is in front of us is going to be in front of us no matter where we go, unless we do THIS work now we will find it again and again. In my mind I do think that many of us have been asleep at the wheel in some of our choices and paths and now we are waking up---with an incoming mack truck headlights in front of us! Let's get out that speeding car!!!

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