Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What is this week?

Pretty much there is one huge piece of news for this week and that is Saturn turning retrograde. It occurs at 1:10am EST Wednesday which crosses into Tuesday (today) for most of the other time zones. I already mentioned it in the last post about compromise. We are going to have to really dig in and learn the art of negotiation. Not just this week but for the next 4.5 months, until it turns direct on June 13th.

Questions to ponder during these next months:
What is my responsibility?
What is my partner's responsibility?
What would happen if we mixed up the roles?
Is there value in being wishy washy?
How would being 'devil's advocate' help me be more responsible? Or make me a better negotiator?
Is there something I am neglecting when I show up?
Where am I showing grace and good manners? And if not, "Why not?"
How can I be more polite in the world?
Is the structure of my relationship sound? And if not, "Why not?"

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