Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cancer Full Moon January 19

Cancer Full Moon
January 19 4:29pm EST

Sun 29 Capricorn 27
Moon 29 Cancer 27

On the Cancer Full Moon, there is a great pull between being responsible (Capricorn) or being emotional (Cancer). If you think it is possible to be both, terrific. But I believe you will see in your world people losing control, knee-jerk reactionaries, being pouty or hypersensitive. In contrast there will be others who are frigidly composed, laser tongue, nothing superfluous, extremely practical and very“cold”.

The sentimental versus the corporate. Which is better? I don’t know they both have their place. (But spare me the Hallmark card commercials) Of course, where it gets bad is when you bring the corporate problems to the family dinner and when you bring your personal drama over your dead mom to work. For most of us we try to be reasonable and keep everything in their compartments but with the Cancer Full Moons things can get blurry.

Of course the good side of the Cancer Full Moon is when you use the emotions and the need for survival to realize your bigger goals and outlooks. As we know, Capricorn is the mountain goat. High up on the hill he can see everything. The vantage point is great for realizing goals. But the air is thin. Cancer on the other hand is sea level, where the water laps up on the shore. Low tide exposes the rocks and the moss, high tide brings both nutrients and impurities. What is easier for you? High up above the fray? Which has thin air and not too many people. Or sea level which is full of action, with high, high tides and low, low, moods. Both will be pronounced for three days.

This full moon also has an added punch by army-of- one Mars in eccentric Aquarius next to The Sun. Along with a nice fat trine between the Moon and Uranus in Pisces. My take is that this week will be “power to the fringe”. And if it is not just the cuckoo among us who get jacked up it is also the fringy part of all of us that will feel empowered. We just don’t feel like being totally buttoned up.

The accent is on weird twists and turns and what to do with them. Will we shut down because our emotions feel overwhelmed or will we cut off the opportunity because it doesn’t feel practical enough? Watch what comes up on Full Moon and see how it works toward your long term goals.

And for those of you who built a Treasure Map back in April 2010, I encourage you to access this full moon as much as you can. Two weeks ago, on Capricorn New Moon we began the final 3 months to realize our Treasure Map goals. For some people who feel like they have not gotten a lot of their maps, you will be surprised when you see stuff starting to come in now that we are in the final quarter. Cap, Aquarius and Pisces lunar cycles can bring in a lot. I know for me, I had a year when everything important came in the last six weeks before the next Treasure Map. Anyway, I encourage you to see if anything from this Cancer Full Moon stirs you up but on the bigger picture it is leading you to actualize some of your goals from your Treasure Map.


  1. I'm feeling this cycle more than others, and I just discovered that this full moon hits right at my natal moon (29 Cancer). Does that mean anything in particular? (6th house, if that makes a difference)

  2. I would say that it would tug on your mooon more than the other Cancer Full Moons. But think back. The Cancer Full Moons are always in late December or early/mid January. historically how has this period been for you in the past?

  3. Historically, this time of the holidays has me depressed and full of a homesick longing, even back during my childhood. But I've learned to manage better over the years. This cycle has brought up fear rather than sadness, and it feels like a good thing, like I'm cleaning out old wounds that have long festered...
    Looking forward to Jupiter in Aries though. : )