Thursday, January 6, 2011

Venus finally gets out of Scorpio and into Sag-phew!

Venus has been in Scorpio so long that I almost forget what it looks like in the other signs.

As you may recall, Venus moved into Scorpio back on September 8, it then turned retrograde on October 7. It went all the way back to 27 Libra until November 18 when it turned direct, since that time it has been slowly moving through Libra, through scorpio until----- Drum roll, tomorrow January 7 when it will finally move into Sag at 7:31am (EST).

Now, I ask you--Venus is usually in a sign for about 3 weeks but with the retrograde we have been dealing with Venus in Scorpio for three months---are you ready for change? I know I am!

Venus in Scorpio is watery, deep, dark, brooding, very connected (almost dangerously so) to our partners. We have been mulling over the issue of 'value'. Are we really valued? And what do we value? These questions have been in the forefront. Also, many people have bristled at the feeling of people trying to 'own' us. We have also spent a lot of time on our finances. No kidding. I think it is probably a good thing that our exhurberant Sag cycle had Venus dragging us back a bit but now that we are in a cool and sober Capricorn it is probably time for Venus to move on.

Once Venus goes into firey Sag, we should feel something lift, a little bit more play and fun will enter our world. We might want to take a risk on something but because of the other energy out there it will be a risk but it won't be 'risky'. There is a difference.

See if you get a little wind in your sails that you haven't felt for awhile. Venus will be in Sag until February 5. Enjoy the fire.


  1. Most excellent site and post!

    Venus retro'd through my 2nd, turned right on my Neptune, the tip of a yod. I developed a kind of Internet dating crush on a guy whom I didn't know. Wrote him twice even! No response! Made me really cranky and obsessive, and it's taken me this long to really settle with the belief that he was a fool and a half... :) I mean, the whole thing affected me way too much!

    But it also did help me review my sense of relationships, romantic and otherwise. In a good way, despite the shock (SHOCK!) that he wasn't interested! lol It really did empower me in a lot of ways, I've got a lot of Pluto influence in my chart.

  2. Listen, a stalled out crush on someone of low value is not that not bad considering this was in your 2nd house. YOu could have lost a lot of cash on something of low value when it comes to the 2nd house...consider yourself ahead of the game. Enjoy Venus in your Third, that will lighten everythig up real fast.

  3. So right!! Excellent points... And as I said, it made me "re-value" the kind of men I like... Happy New Year! Love your site...