Sunday, January 16, 2011

This week Ahead

Okay, last week is over, thankfully. Let's now move ahead to this week.

Monday January 17: 4:56pm (EST) Sun sextile Uranus. A fine day for creative dynamic solutions. That weird thought you have in the morning can actually be more and more enchanting and as you process it through the day you realize it is actually brilliant. Go for it.

Tuesday January 18: 12:50am (EST) Mercury conjunct Pluto. We have been here before, how were your thoughts back on December 13? We normally get this aspect once a year but because of the Mercury Retrograde last month we get another pass at Mercury/Pluto. The top note you must take away from this day is "How can I think like a CEO?" Your thinking and processing needs to be from a higher level. Don't let emotions drag you down, instead be your own boss. Hold your thoughts accountable and communicate like you are a boss. If not to others at least to yourself!

Wednesday January 19 Full Moon (more to come on that) Sun sextile Jupiter 5:39p, big thinking, reaching out, finding bridges. For some, perhaps too much exuberance can get in the way but for others a day of inspired thoughts.

Thursday January 20 The Sun moves into Aquarius. The energy shifts as we go from cool, business, sober thinking to dynamic, revolution and rebellious thinking which is for the good of all. Business to community.

Saturday January 22 Jupiter moves into Aries 12:11pm EST. See additional post.

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