Thursday, May 7, 2020

Be Prepared. Astrological Circus Week is Here!

We are in 10 days full of drama.  Intrigue.  Volume.  Love.    Sobriety.     Noise.  Quiet.   Thrills.  Spills.    It’s a circus.

Astrologers have known 2020 is one huge year and have been writing about it for quite some time.   We have been in a cycle of astrological stresses and pulls since 2000 with various challenging years (2008 -2010).  We have seen a lot and experienced a lot but even in all that history -- 2020 is one big year and this is a big week in the big year.  It is not the only big week but it is one that may bring out a lot of stuff. 

We have the Nodes changing sign on May 4

We have Scorpio Full Moon on May 7.

We have Saturn retrograde on May 10. 

We have Venus retrograde on May 12. 

And we have Jupiter retrograde on May 14. 

If things are crazy, well, you will know what was behind it. 

god speed.  

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