Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Saturn Back in Scorpio

Saturn returns to Scorpio

On June 14 Saturn who has been retrograde since March 14 went back into Scorpio.    As you all remember in the end of 2012 Saturn went into Scorpio, it was there through 2014.  Then it went into Sag for a few months before it retrograded.  It is now back in Scorpio for its final journey before it goes direct on August 2  and then leaves Scorpio on September 17.    Let’s go over this Scorpio agenda one more time—we are talking about sex, debt, tax, legal stuff, crime, power, death and rebirth.   We are talking about the parts of our life that are black and white.   This sign is no day in the country but here is the good news, when Saturn is done with Scorpio we will get a real handle on sex issues primarily how important it is to us or not and how do we use it or deny it?   We learn to figure out where we find empowerment.   How is our legal stuff looking?  And what is going on with our taxes?   And most important of all, what needs to die and be reborn again?    Especially, since Saturn in Sag and Pluto in Capricorn are in mutual reception meaning they are in each other ruling signs, we are purging the bullshit.   Both physically and mentally.    

If we all believed in coincidences and none of us do, it is interesting that in the Gemini cycle where we are getting our brains screwed in straight we are getting a lot of mental hurdles and we are getting rid of crap one more time, but this time with feeling as Saturn starts its final leg of Scorpio.  After September 14 we won’t have Saturn in Scorpio for 27 years.    Let’s get our brains screwed in straight about our empowerment and get rid of the riff raff.    

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