Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Capricorn Full Moon

Capricorn Full Moon
July 1 2015  (July 2 east of USA)
10:19pm EDT
 9 Cap 55

How is the rewire of your brain going?   We discussed back on the Gemini new moon two weeks ago that this was going to be a fast moving and bumpy cycle. But the point of the speed and the warrior bumps is not to just bug us but to help us rewire our brains.    Case in point two weeks ago most of America would have thought the confederate battle flag would be flying in the south until Hell freezes.  Then on New Moon innocent people were gunned down because of their race.     The relatives of the victims were compelled to forgive the killer two days later.   Two days after that the word was out that it was time to bring down the battle flag.    Kind of a done deal, a divine fiat.     Do you see the speed?  Do you see how it is confidence versus warring?   It could have been a huge battle and yet—there was none.  Why?  Because we are there.  Our consciousness is there we just needed our brains to catch up and so we rewired our thoughts about the gunning down, the forgiveness and the flag… and we continue to rewire for the rest of the cycle (ends on July 15th) as things come up to be processed.    

Now on Capricorn Full Moon we are continuing to rewire our brain but this time we are looking through our emotional (Sun in Cancer) and our practical natures (Moon in Capricorn).    This is a curious teeter-totter.    With Pluto on the Moon and Mars on the Sun there is a battle going on.     Warrior Mars is not done prodding us.  Emotions will want to flow and not the most elevated feelings.  Really base feelings, like the kind you find in youth when you get into a fight with a warring toddler. But Pluto is small and powerful.  He is standing next to the Moon in Cap and together they look at runaway emotions with a very jaundiced eye like a seasoned parent.           Watch and see what big, dramatic emotional scene takes place during Capricorn Full Moon (July 1 10:30pm through July 5, 7:16am (EDT) and observe your response.   Will you go balls to the wall with your emotions?   Or will you activate your inner CEO and fire your emotional self?   Is this really a time to be raw?  Or is it a time to be practical?   How does this shift your wiring?     

Despite all the drama and telenovella tension during the full phase there is a gentle Sun trine Neptune and Moon sextile Neptune.  Somewhere in the pile of doo-doo there is faith, hope and understanding.    Find your kind side in the mirror at the beginning and the end of the day, it will help.

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