Tuesday, June 23, 2015

This Week

This week started and continues under the Crescent Phase of the Gemini Lunar cycle.   Our New Moon ended on June 20 early in the morning (4:40am EDT).  Looking back, just for a second, what seeds got planted between June 16th and June 20th?   Take a moment and think about your last week.     We discussed that there would be crazy and tension and we certainly saw it in a church bible study class in South Carolina.  Very sad. but by the time we got to Crescent this weekend we saw strength and a different kind of pride and accent on truth and and what is real and whole.    It was all laid out in moving sermons on Sunday.

The crescent phase continues until tomorrow.    We continue to learn stuff from the seeds planted on new new moon.   

Our Focus:  What are you learning about your strength?  What are you learning about being dramatic?  What are you learning about being courageous? What are you learning about your creativity? 

Then tomorrow we move into 1st quarter moon.  This is when we make actions based on seeds planted in New Moon.    What seeds were planted, what did you learn for four days and now what actions are you going to take?   

First Quarter Moon
June 24

Focus on:  What actions can you take that speaks to your relationship?  What actions can you take that bring balance?  What action can you take that focus on partnership? 

Special focus
6/24: Mars enters Cancer

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