Monday, June 15, 2015

Happy New Moon!

June 16, 2015 
10:05am EDT

25 Geo 07

And here we are at Gemini New Moon.
It is going to be a mind bender 29 days.   Get out of the way, we'll all be moving fast.

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First of all, let’s give ourselves a round of applause for surviving the last Mercury retrograde.    That was three weeks of a billion paper cuts every single bloody day.  I can’t believe we made it through, but some how we did.  And luckily, this New Moon; Mercury, Gemini’s ruling planet will be in direct motion (Thank you, Spirit).

As an astrologer I find that people don’t want to hear much about Mercury.   Yes, a few people will ask a question about communicating or writing and I will go directly to Mercury but for the most part people want to know about love and money and (putting the houses aside) those are Venus issues.   They want to know about power, a Pluto issue.  They want to know about family or emotions and that is a Moon issue.  They want to know about sex, that is Pluto and sometimes Mars.   They want to know about changes, that is Mars and Uranus.     They want to know about career and that is Saturn.   They want to know about self-confidence, that is Sun.    They push astrologers around with their questions into all kinds of corners but they don’t really ask about the issues of Mercury.    Don’t get me wrong, astrologers will always take the conversation to Mercury but clients don’t usually go there on their own.    And that is a shame.  Because how the brain thinks dictates all of the above.   And brain and thinking is Mercury.    Kind of a big deal, right?   We would be smart to pay a little more attention to our thinking during this Gemini lunar cycle.   After all our thinking says a lot about us. 

During the 29- day Gemini cycle we are given the gift of overhauling our thinking and our brains.   If all the things we want and desire is hardware then we take the Gemini cycle to get our software working at an optimal level.

On this new moon chart, we pay close attention to Mercury since it is Gemini’s ruling planet.  In the chart, we see Mercury is in square to Neptune, opposed Saturn and semi square Uranus.   Let’s get this straight; Mercury in Gemini pretty much loathes Neptune in Pisces.   I may be the only astrologer to say it quite that curtly but they all know I’m right.  Neptune in Pisces is about intuition and feeling something.  It is about things that are unworldly and can’t be defined.  And just when things do come into clarity Neptune in Pisces will melt it away.  And Neptune in Pisces is always exploring issues around faith.    Ooooo how this bugs Mercury in Gemini who uses logic to his advantage.    How can one be logical if there is this pulse out there demanding that we use our intuition?  How can Mercury in Gemini use things that are unworldly?   And there is no place in Mercury in Gemini for Faith.   Everything Neptune in Pisces is about simply does not compute to Mercury in Gemini.   For 29 days watch and see when things are said or come up that defy logic.  Watch how it bugs you.  What happens when something is completely figured out and then suddenly it all melts into a puddle?    What if something makes no sense and throws everything in a tizzy?  What do you do?    How does using logic limit you?   Where is faith when your logic comes crashing?  And when does too much faith look completely irresponsible?    And don’t forget Neptune in Pisces is good for deceit and Mercury in Gemini is good for a lie.    Things will be harsh and people will retreat.  And when people are too fuzzy people will leave.   What does your brain do when you are confronted with passiveness?   How is your reaction working or not working for you?   What do you do when you are pushed to find faith?  In the news there will be some rip roaring liars and cuckoo crazy stories.  And there will be stories that can only be described as miracles.  What do miracles do to your brain? 

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