Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Astrology of Quantative Easing (QE2) Ending

For those people who rely on money to get through their life, you may want to take note of something happening this summer. On June 30th, QE2 will end. Wait a minute, the Queen Elizabeth is going into dry dock? No, silly, not THAT QE2, I'm talking about Quantative Easing 2. It will be wrapping up at the end of June and the big question is---what is that going to do to us?

A small primer course on QE2.
After the stock market crashed in 2008 (and more importantly to us, Pluto turned direct heading for Capricorn) The Federal Reserve knew that we were in a total shit storm and about to become shitstorm x 2. In order to make it only a hideous headache and not a mega hideous headache, The Federal Reserve said, "Hey, we'll buy our debt so that our economy won't completely crash." Of course, buying our debt means printing money. That sort of kept us upright but then a year later we were still weak and in 2010, The Fed said that we needed to buy even more debt.

Well, on June 30th, QE2 ends and that means our debt will be ready for the world to purchase. Will China, Japan, Europe be racing to our shores to buy our debt? Will other countries say, "Hey give me those American T bills, I've got a rumpus room that needs wall papering". Based on the chart of Cancer New Moon on July 1, I believe that the end of QE2 is going to be one Super World of Hurt. Mega, Super Hurt.

The New Moon has Pluto opposite both the sun and the moon and all three of them are squaring Uranus in Aries and square Saturn in Libra. This is basically a recall of last summer's cardinal climax. The only difference is that Uranus is not going back to Pisces to find redemption like he did last summer. He is digging in and fighting for changes. Pluto in Capricorn is all about reform of business and money and the Sun and Moon in Cancer is our homes and the things we keep close to us, like food and shelter.

I gotta say we all know that there need to be changes throughout our economic system. But this could be one painful process. I know the concern everyone has is runaway inflation. But my own concern is deflation.

The Cancer lunar phase (all July) will be painful. But before we get to it, we will have the eclipses in June which will certainly inform us of issues that we need to address. No one should feel blindsided. And if you do, then you are being deliberately obtuse.

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