Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Strauss: Perhaps next time you should just take the mint on the pillow

Yes, yes, yes...we who live in the US know a person is innocent before proven guilty. But I did have to take a peek at Dominque Strauss Kahn's chart.

I'm sure Dominique Strauss Kahn will have the best legal representation money can buy. Why not, this is the guy in charge of the international money fund. And those are the guys who loan money to countries when they are about to go belly up. Perhaps the IMF can loan Dominque the dough for his legal defense. However, I'm guessing he has got cash in deposits boxes all over Geneva. Especially given he is a Taurus. I double checked astro data bank for his birth information. They usually have good sources for there data so I'll go with it, which lists him as April 25 1949 11:10am (outside Paris).

With that information: Dominque has Sun in Taurus, great with money; bad with control issues. He has Moon in Aries, great with leadership; bad with anger issues and he has Leo Rising; great with *star* appeal, bad with Ego. Additionally, he has Venus in Taurus right on his Sun which probably has him loaded with some charm (although it might be lost on a lot of us) and that is another perk to his money making abilities. Or at the very least part of the reason why he is all about banks.

Now where things are interesting is when you look at the transiting planets. Currently Uranus is in conjunction to his moon (or at least close enough to count) and he is finding his world upside down. For the record, not everyone who gets these kind of charges when Uranus bumps up to their moon but seeing photos of him hauled out of a first class seat on Air France at JFK certainly speaks of the disruptive nature of Uranus. Curiously, Pluto finished squaring his moon last year and now is making a positive trine to his Venus. And Pluto is about to do another round of trines with his Sun. I gotta say, I am scratching my head on this. These are positive aspects and yet these charges are pretty formidable. I'm wondering if he has something in his pocket that is going to make this go away. Not the thing that got him in trouble but another thing in his pocket that will make all his troubles disappear. Pluto is fairly deft.


  1. HMM. i noticed a bit of synchronicity with this case in the news at the same time as the big announcement by Arnold Schwarzenegger that he had fathered a child with a maid. With both big guys seeing serious repercussions from (alleged) sexual improprieties with cleaning staff, I see both of these news stories as being strongly reflective of saturn in virgo!

  2. I think you meant Saturn in Libra, where it is now. Both of these men, (Arnie a couple years older than Strass Kahn) have natal Saturn in Leo.

    And yes, I agree there is something to these that feels like the Housekeeping element to Saturn. I think it is curious in both cases there were maids involved.

  3. I'm thinking Maid-off...anyone else think he looks a bit like Bernie Madoff (bday April 29)? Both tried to get away with something, many times. Anyhow, DSK has a bunch of planets over his sun and Jupiter on his Mars. I'm not sure he's going to get off easily and he's going to dig in his heels. Too many women are riled up over this.

  4. On behalf of All Taurus Suns with Moon in Aries and Leo risings - I am horrified! I hope his birth info is wrong, but you are always accurate. I did hear a report that people in France are rethinking their tolerance of these kinds of guys.

  5. Yes, Carol!!! I too thought he looked like madoff and you make me laugh with Maidoff.
    I know it doesn't make sense that he can get off but I just keep thinking about that Pluto trine and wondering if he gets that beeper off his leg and he swims to France.

    If he does not and he does go to prison, then I seriously question this birth date for him.