Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Schwarznegger & Strauss-Kahn : Astrology of Maids?

When I first posted about the Arnold business I didn't know that the woman who fathered his child was a maid. The news at that time indicated she was a 'staffer'.

On Sunday however when the whole thing went down (perhaps wrong phrase to use) with Dominque Strauss Kahn we did know that the woman assaulted was a maid.

Saturn rules Maids and servants. Of course, Saturn right now is in Libra the sign of relationships and is retrograde. As it continues to move backwards it tightens the square tension with Pluto, the planet of power. And yes, technically they will not be an exact square (like last year) but they are still tight enough to be in effect and has me wondering if it is causing a bit of the spotlight to fall on maids. I will be interested to see what else is spun out between now and mid June when Saturn turns direct.


  1. News today is that Arnold's sons were born a few days apart, the Baeza child is Oct 2, 1997 - not sure when Christopher was born, whether before or after. However, Saturn is now retrograde at 10 Libra, exactly on his sun!!!! It figures, Saturn the father figure. Now what will happen when Saturn direct crosses his sun again.

  2. I feel for both maids, and Maria and all the children. And on much lighter note, Tracy the graphic you chose for the maid, makes me laugh!

  3. Yes, really good post! Not to mention that both these news items surfaced around the full moon on Algol (ok, forgive me, I did say this on another post)-- Algol is big on sex and sexual violence...

  4. I know, I loved that Maid, Anonymous. I had lots to choose from but I was not going for one of the sexy ones. That is no fun.

    Yes, on the Algol note. I had bumped into that issue a week ago but kind of put it on the back burner. I should have been more on it like some of the other astrolgers since it CLEARLY was in the mix this full moon. Note to self...don't forget the fixed stars!