Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yes, the sky does matter!

Over at Moutain Astrologer website, I found a terrific article by Gary Caton that is an absolutely wonderful read. Many years ago Project Hindsight was released which was a body of work initiated by Robert Schmidt who accomplished the Herculean task of translating 2,000 year old Mesopotamian texts on astrology. "Great Zeus that is a lot of work!" Now, in Gary Caton's article As If The Sky Mattered he talks about one area in particular to come out of Project Hindsight that is especially relevant now. The topic is "doryphory." I had not heard of this effect but I find it very intriguing.

Another view of these morning sky planets comes from Ptolemy. He calls a planet that rises before the Sun (whether in the same sign or the next) a doryphory. Planets who are doryphory are seen as attendants, bodyguards, or a kind of John the Baptist figure to the Sun.

Now, at the end of April until about yesterday we had that large stellium of planets in Aires and Taurus that were either just before or just after the Sun. We all know how that burst of energy coincided with the end of the Aries lunar cycle with one crazy ass week. Remember when I wrote about that circus week with royal weddings, royal ass tornados and Bin Ladin royal departure? Well, per Gary's article that was part and parcel of where the stellium was to the Sun. Of course, there were also other planets and their aspects that were in the mix but this astrological insight from the old masters cannot be discounted. I find it truly remarkable. Please read the whole article. I think you too will find it interesting. A snippet:

After the Mars–Jupiter conjunction on April 30, Mars became the doryphory closest to the Sun and, therefore, the closest “spearbearer” to the King. The next day, President Obama sent an elite team of military commandos to assassinate Osama bin Laden. Eight years to the day after George Bush proclaimed “mission accomplished,” the job of bringing the 9/11 mastermind to justice was actually completed. Eight years is a Venus synodic cycle, and Venus is one of the four current doryphory, along with Mercury.

The most striking thing about the death of bin Laden is that it marks something of an end of an era. Clearly, this event is the closest thing to closure we will ever have for the events of 9/11. While many public figures are saying Al Qaeda is still a threat, others seem to think that without its charismatic leader, Al Qaeda will vanish into the dusty history books. (7) In any event, we now have a clear marker, a distinction between times. This is the fundamental purpose of morning sky planets: to individuate and make distinctions. Morning sky planets mark the birth of a new presence in the Sky and, therefore, the beginning of something new on Earth. As above, so below

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