Sunday, May 1, 2011

Aries is going out like a three ring circus!

Does anyone remember all the way back to .....the beginning of April and the Aries New Moon? We had practically every planet in the zodiac stirring it up with someone. Just a whole lot of action. And now here we are in the last week of the lunar Aries cycle and it is clearly a three ring circus. We experienced:

Donald Trump as a loud Hawaiian midwife

Obama presented the world with a long form certificate which I guess is fine but I'm not sure a trip to Oprah was necessary

Hundreds of horrible tornadoes ripped up southern USA and destroyed lives and towns

A supersized wedding in London

A Pope on his way to beatification, and by the way, do they really have to bring out the coffin for that event? Yeesh.

NATO missed Kadafi but took out his son and grandchildren

And where Nato Missed the mark, Navy Seals did their job---Osama Bin Laden is taken out in some wealthy suburb in Pakistan. I for one cannot wait to see THAT mansion.
And now everyone is talking about what to do with Bin Laden's body. Hey after the Pope's casket untombed I'm used to everything this week.

Anyway this is how we end Aries lunar cycle. The cuckoo of Uranus in Aries and its slow twisted dance with Pluto combined with Saturn certainly makes for weird week.

I predict the Cancer lunar cycle in July will be just as cuckoo...if not more.

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  1. Tracy, I've got to tell you that I really appreciate all your postings. I've had to economize and cancelled my TV access so I didn't know about Bin Laden until I checked my email from my family (I still have net access). What's even better, is you help explain WHY what's going on IS going on. Kudos to you.