Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gemini New Moon 2011 -Eclipse #1

There are three eclipses this summer. The first one is tomorrow's new moon (partial eclipse). The other two are on the full moon in June and then Cancer's New Moon on July 1. I believe of the three July 1st is the heaviest. But they are all connected to each other. You can't get to three without stopping at two and you can't get to two without first getting one. Tomorrow's eclipse puts the accent on information. We will all receive some important data between now and the full moon. Some of it will sting (god, who hasn't had a critical zinger from a Gemini) but it might be the exact information that we need to improve upon areas of our life. In particular, relationships. It is going to be an interesting Gemini Lunar cycle and a very interesting waxing moon.

I just posted my full article on Margaret Wendt's website. You can go to the link for the whole body but here is a snippet.


“Can someone turn on the air, please?”

The Gemini New Moon is of course focused on our brain. I say, of course, because I’m positive you can identify any Gemini in your life as quick, smart, bright and with a lot to say. At their core they are always trying to connect. Elementally, Gemini is air and because it is the first air sign of the zodiac, it is all about our first thoughts which tend to be all about number one. “Let me connect for me and my interests.” By the time we get to the second air sign, Libra, we apply our thoughts to relationships and partners and when we get to the third air sign, Aquarius, we are ready to focus our thoughts on groups and those people whom we share the same intellectual interests. In each case the brain is very much in play with all three air signs.

In nature, the power of air is obvious. Haven’t we all spent a sweltering summer day hoping for an evening breeze? Or what about a cloudy, overcast week; how relieved are we when a hard wind blows and replaces the clouds with a sparkling blue sky? Of course, wind is also capable of tremendous damage. Anyone from Alabama or Joplin, Missouri can speak with authority on the power of tornadoes.

How wind translates to us personally is through communication and connections.
We have a problem that we have mulled over so much that we are stuck, we see no solution, then someone comes into our life and we share our problem. Quickly, that person offers up a fresh idea, an alternative way out, something we never considered before, this is akin to an evening breeze. The new solution cools us. Air is the connection that can bring disparate energies together. After all, how do seeds from flowers and plants end up miles away from their host? The wind. The seeds are blown eventually landing and taking root in new neighborhoods. A nexus of information is Gemini. No wonder Gemini rules neighbors, siblings, gossip, writers and books. What blows into our life for the next 28 days will be new connections. Not just the people but the connections that happens in our brain. We ‘get’ stuff like we never got it before.

Of course when the wind is misbehaving and dangerous is when we are in mental free fall. We know we are spinning out when our brain is overly charged, when every thought spins out and creates another thought that spins out and creates another thought until we are floating so high that our brains can’t find up from down. When our thinking is fragmented and we talk ourselves out and into stuff in a frenzied state, we are in short, experiencing a mental tornado. And like real tornadoes the aftermath of mental twisters is just as destructive. If you find yourself wrapped up in a intellectual frenzy, get quiet, find your center and breathe. Journaling can also help soothe the brain.

Saturn is in The House

Luckily this Gemini cycle has a little boost from Saturn which should temper a lot of the sporadic fragmented Gemini energy that we typically experience. The Sun and Moon are making a harmonious trine to Saturn in Libra the second air sign. Saturn brings structure and order to our thinking. Instead of just curious, fun and random thoughts that often pepper Gemini, our thoughts will be more measured and perhaps more conservative. We will want to come up with strategies and new game plans regarding our responsibilities.......(go to link for full article).


  1. Tracy, I am completely awestruck at your comparison of Aries energy to tornadoes as right as the new moon began they were touching down all around my area-which is very unusual in MA. What was interesting about this is that. Completely went about my business, including getting my middle child to dance and going to a yoga class. All while property and lives were being lost 5 miles away. This experience was spiritually powerful for me. My heart goes out to neighboring towns.

  2. Anonymous, I know. I realize that tornado has a season but who on Earth expected it in Mass? Totally crazy.
    But remember the winds are not just physical but also metaphorically. I just posted about Anthony Weiner and his own winds. This is a cuckoo lunar phase. Chiron in Pisces is bringing out the truly weird stuff.