Saturday, June 4, 2011

Just in time for summer; who wants a Weiner?

I guess the story of Anthony Weiner and his weiner (small w) broke last weekend. But the fury and storm of the story hit a couple days later right around the Gemini New Moon. And there is so much to the story that in mind really reflects the new moon chart.

"Excuse me, congressmen is that a partial eclipse in your pocket?"

Right out the gate we see all the players. The North Node in Sagittarius is the 'eclipse' part of the chart with an emphasis on truth. Sagittarius also rules publishing. Gemini rules writing. In particular short writings. In the old days before the internet short writing included magazines and newspapers--today a case can be made for Tweets being Gemini domain (Internet is Aquarius).

The New Moon chart has a square with Chiron in Pisces. Chiron is self wounding and Pisces is self undoing. And although I did not watch the MSNBC interview with Chris Mathews it seems from all accounts that Mr. Weiner did his own self wounding when he claimed he did not send the tweet but was hacked however he could not say for certainty that it was not a photo of his you-know-what in the underwear. Oh, my, Chiron in the house!

Was he speaking to the Truth of North Node in Sag and being as accurate as he could but leaves us all wondering, "Bravo for having the decency to not tweet it but you still take photos of that?" There is that self wounding Chiron.

I do not know the time of his birth but from wiki we know he was born September 4, 1964 in Brooklyn--see posted chart, I used 6am birth. We know that his Sun in Virgo is right in the cross hairs of this eclipse at 12 Gemini and Chiron at 16 Pisces.

His Moon is in Leo and all its inglorious ego tendencies is probably the reason why he felt he could get in front of this by just saying a few things and poof it would go away. "Ah, no that is why god created press agents and lawyers."

Neptune is on his Saturn which is very difficult for a man in his position. Saturn is all we have worked towards. It is the structures we have built and Neptune on top of it, tends to start dissolving things.

And last but certainly not least, Pluto in Capricorn is in conjuction with his Mercury. Again, Mercury is how we communicate and how we connect (echo off this Gemini lunar phase) and having Pluto there could either empower him and he gets his brain working in new ways and changes his communicating style or it could destroy his current style and he must rebuild his ability to 'connect'.

Even if he mispoke and he is a victim through and through, not his weiner, not his underwear, not his tweet, totally hacked....even if all that is north node in Sag true---it may take more work to get away from it than he has in him. However, never underestimate Pluto. He could persevere and come up with some good strategic moves and maybe his weiner will be put behind him. Whoops, maybe that is not exactly a good phrase in this case.

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  1. Funny and interesting, as always! Thanks for posting this Tracy!