Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Saturn turns Direct: On all Relationships

On Sunday 6/12 Saturn turns Direct 11:52pm EDT 10Libra27

I have Saturn on my Sun so I may be a bit more in tune with Saturn’s movement, but having said that I still believe people feel Saturn’s retrograde and directional moves whether they know it or not. Saturn turns retrograde once a year. When Saturn turned retrograde on January 26 it put us all on notice that we needed to retool, rebuild and reassess our relationships.

Why relationships? Because Saturn is in the middle of his 2 year journey through the sign of Libra. Libra is the justice, the scales, finding balance. And you can’t find balance unless you have a partner on the other side. Libra is the half way mark of the zodiac. On the other side of Libra is Aries. In Aries we are all about ‘number one’. During Aries we learn how to go out into the world alone, how to break ground and how to lead. By the time we get to Libra we are ready to see who is on the other side of the table drinking Starbucks with us. “Hey, how long have you been here?” Of course, the human being is funny. Sometimes we are alone, sometimes we are married, sometimes we are divorced, widowed, humans are always in some stage of entanglement. But Libra does not care because what is important is not the title of that person drinking Starbucks, (husband, wife) what is important that we are ‘relating.’

Libra is the act of relationships. All of them. Yes, it is easy to point out a spouse and we do a lot of work on them and they do work on us but in truth, Libra just cares that we are relating. Ever since 2010 when Saturn went into Libra we have been working out our relationships. Who are we in relationship at work? Who are we in relationship with our family? Who are we in relationship with our neighbors? Who are we in relationship with our friends?

This lesson will continue until 2012 when Saturn moves in Scorpio. At that point we’ll spend two years learning (among other things) the lessons of money, investments, sex, death & rebirth. But in the meantime we are learning how to relate.
When Saturn turns direct it is an opportunity to focus on those lessons in a real concrete manner. Perhaps after Saturn turns direct on Sunday we will speak to people whom we have felt (for a long time) have not been carrying their share of work. We will point out the disparity. Or perhaps someone will speak to us and tell us we need to do more work. We may disengage from projects that have been too all encompassing and have taken us away from our ‘relating’. Or we may look at our partner and say, “Let’s build on this now” and come up with a great strategy and plan for our future. It might not be a forever future but it could certainly get us to the next leg of our journey. The next time Saturn turns retrograde in Libra will be Feb 7, so we have about 9 months to actualize all the things we have learned and put them into action.

The 11 degree of Libra Sabian Symbol is
A professor peering over his glasses.


  1. My zodiac sign is Cancer, referring to my astrologer they have been constantly telling me that its Saturn which affects everything in my life, is that really true. I am tired of the problems i am facing every now and then, please give your suggestions on this.Thanks..!!

  2. Alice, are you an early, mid or late cancer?

  3. I am a virgo libra cusp---I have been going through a lot of strees the past 4 yrs now and I cant seem to get ahead in life---is this because saturn is in my second house?

  4. I'm assuming you have late Virgo on your ascendent? If so then yes, Saturn has been stomping all through your first house which means everything going on feels oh, so personal. When Saturn goes through the 2nd house it is about financial issues, either manning up or recalibrating. And yeah, money is usually personal it is not a 'personal' house. There is a hint of 'removal'. "my money is effed up, but I'm okay" is the vibe when we get Saturn in the 2nd. When it is in the first house it all feels personal. I had a friend who had a friend who said on the day of the Northridge Earthquake, "why is this happening to me?" 20 million people just woke up in the middle of the air...it is not you! My guess is something was going through her first house and so it felt personal. hope that helps. Tracy