Saturday, June 11, 2011

On Chiron's Retrograde Move

Earlier this week, Chiron turned retrograde. Chiron is what we call an 'astrological planet'. Meaning like the Sun and Moon, which are not planets but we call them such when drafting charts. The same is true with Chiron which is an asteroid comet between Saturn and Uranus. We're not sure exactly when he came into our solar system but he is there and he does pack a punch. He was discovered only 1977 and has been on my radar screen about twenty years. Since his discovery astrologers have written on his impact both on personal charts and society. When I started he was just a blip in my 11th house. Now as I have grown older and definitely wiser it is clear to me that his impact is great. Gawd yes! The power of friends, groups of like minded individuals and hopes and wishes has been both a challenge and great pride to me. I have an extra boost of 11th house given I have Venus in Aquarius there but the paths I have traveled are not all Venusian--by a long shot. It has been Chiron who picked the path with land minds!

Anyway, Chiron is small but mighty. As we know, Chiron moved briefly into Pisces in spring of 2010 then he retrograde back to Aquarius and then finally crossed back into Pisces in February where it will be hanging out for a long time. Earlier this week he retrograded from 5 degrees of Pisces. He will eventually get to zero Pisces this fall when he then turns direct. If you have a planet in early degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, sag and Pisces) prepare for tension. Putting it mildly.

For those who don't know much about Chiron and want to know what it looks like in your house, I recommend browsing the www for chiron articles. There are plenty. Here is a little refresher from Cafe Astrology.

And over at Lynn Haye's sight she had a write up on the retrograde this week that is thoughtful.

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