Saturday, June 25, 2011

The week ahead

Big week this week--- we have some tense days which build intensity as the week progresses until we have the Solar Eclipse New Moon Cancer on Friday. I will post my new moon article in a few days but it is a doozey. I have been writing about it for the last couple of months.

Anyway, buckle up, lots of bumps.

6/25: Sun/Jupiter: Inspired actions that build bridges. The right ego with the right passion. Strong but not zealotry.

6/26:Sun/Uranus: Pressure between Independence and family. Conflicts between emotions versus actions.

6/27:Mars/Uranus: Fun, play, dynamic energy, creative, breakthroughs abound.

6/28: Sun/Pluto: Egos are loud going up against those they think hold all the power. The key is transformation if anyone is willing to ‘let go’.

6/29: Mars/Pluto: Anger, loss, need for adjustment, is the battle worth it?

7/1: Solar Eclipse New moon Cancer --a bit yikey. A post to coome later.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the Weekly Horoscope here with us, i guess this week brings in some really biggies such as anger, ego, loss, need for adjustment etc., amongst us. Hoping for the best, Nice share...!!