Monday, June 6, 2011

Weiner, Breitbart & Jobs

Oh, my god, my head hurts from yesterday's news and discussions. Lordy, talk about the influence of a Gemini lunar phase that starts with an eclipse. Clearly we are still feeling it.

Well, the North Node in Sag got the better of both Weiner and Breitbart. Weiner gave his mea culpa in front of the whole world. He screwed up big and he told everyone about it. It was pretty surreal. I'm not sure why because we have had so many politicians and religious leaders and god knows who else admit to some hideous transgressions but there was something about Weiners that felt so ...hmm, well so, modern. Sexting, FaceBook, "I was stupid" was said so many times I thought I was overhearing a conversation at a Starbucks, Not at a congressional press conference. By all appearances it seems like he just stood up there and let it all hang out. Pun intended. Very Sag North Node.

And then Breitbart was having his dueling press conference where he showed the indignent and hypocritcal part of Sag. "I demand an apology." Kind of funny considering I don't believe he apologized to Shirley Sherrod. That's the thing about Sag it can be so hypocritical.

Meanwhile over there silicon land Steve Jobs revealed icloud. Newest technology to get your music and social media connects ON. All perfectly Gemini. But of course, since this Gemini Lunar Cycle has the snarky eclipse influencing the cycle it is not without a little jab....apparently, Jobs also revealed Apple's new operating system that apparently has left Facebook in the dust---Apple is hooked with Twitter not facebook. "En gaurd, Zukerberg"

Like I said, all very Gemini, all very snark.

Personally you could not pay me to have lunch with any of these guys. Noisy and visionary but still clowns.

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