Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Week Ahead

It is not an easy week. There are more aspects going on this week then the ones listed below and of course there are lunar aspects every day (I don't put those in since you can find them pretty much everywhere on the www). But I believe you will feel a tension all week that can't exactly be relieved. Despite any perky aspect by the moon or super small positive aspects not listed. This lunar phase is just a bit tweaked and one tension may go away and another will one come in.

6/14: Venus quincunx Pluto: Small loss of power, gotta give up battles to win a war
6/15: Full Moon Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse (See previous post) and…..

Moon in Sagittarius and Sun in Gemini is pretty snarky on its own. The teeter totter puts the emphasis on either being the speech maker or teacher telling everyone what to do---versus being the smartaleck in the back of the class or town hall with snide comments. The eclipse doubles down on masters of rhetoric and mischievous liars. Will we do both? What will we do when we observe both? No matter how much we might want to hide from having an opinion on it---the eclipse will probably push us to express our opinion.

6/16: Mercury in Cancer
6/17: Mercury trine Neptune: Loving, inspired conversations. Out of this world communication perhaps from a higher source?
6/17: Mercury sextile Jupiter: Fun and brilliant/ very creative bridges to others/ accent on foreign help.
6/18:Venus trine Saturn: respect of love and resources, hardworking creative efforts

God only knows what will be out there in the media this week. Although, I do think a strong woman is giong to show up in some manner. Just a vibe.

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  1. Ohh this week is going to be the busiest week ever by far. So many things to occur amongst all the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius is at quite a high.Thanks for summarizing the entire week's horoscope with us here precisely.Nice share...!!