Thursday, June 16, 2011

And how is it going?

This may be my favorite photo of the whole year. It says so much.

Well, about one hour before Full Moon I had an unexpected visitor at my door, "Hello, Hello..." "Mother what are you doing here?" Right on cue.

Besides me suddenly have to make quick changes in my schedule, how has this full moon been going for you?

Sag rules politics and:
Today of course, Weiner wacked off his resume by quiting congress. Although I think we all saw that one coming.

Sag rules sports:
I said to my husband yesterday how odd I thought it was that they were rioting in Vancouver over losing the Stanley Cup. I am used to living in cities and a country where we riot when we win. Which one is stranger? I dunno.

Gemini rules fickleness:

Hef, and when I say Hef you know I'm talking about an 82 year old man in black pajamas, well Hef has apparently ended his engagement and will not be at the alter this weekend. I guess his fiance has been seeing Dr. Phil's son (Wait isn't Phil's other son married to the other former Hef girlfriend?). I can't even make this stuff up. Anyway, I guess Hef called it off. What? Say it is not so. And after I already ordered their plates from Pottery barn.

How is the miscommunication? How are the lies? How are the big ass opinions? How is your life and remember it is probably better than everyone else listed above.

two more day so of full moon phase. Hang on.

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