Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cancer New Moon & The Grand Cross

Cancer New Moon is this Friday July 1.

It is not a small moon. It is an eclipse and not just any ol' eclipse. A big ol' Grand Cross is in the house.

I posted my whole article on Margaret Wendt's website.

But here is a snippet.

“Welcome to Hotel Grand Cross”

So, who are the players in these cross aspects? First the Sun/Moon in Cancer squares Saturn; they also square Uranus; and opposes Pluto. If you don’t understand aspects then please visualize the face of the clock. Imagine the Three on the clock fighting with the Six. And also the Three is fighting with the Twelve and while all that is going on the Three is getting into it with the Nine. Squares are tough and oppositions are tense and when they are all together in one chart---well this will be a stressful twenty eight day cycle.

Of the three planets, Saturn is the most snarky because his degree is tightest with the Sun and Moon. With this square insecurities can be high and responses can be harsh. Saturn is a cold planet and when Cancer is in his shell he is pretty darn hard. Claws will be out.

We should expect fractures, cracks and splits to be in the news. Saturn in Libra is about the hard work of negotiations, balance and finding equilibrium. In the United States, balanced budgets are the number one agenda in both state and federal politics. For many of us the bitch session we hear from our politicians has become endless background noise to our already long days. Basically, all bark and no bite. But now during this cycle the negotiations or lack of them will feel and look different. The inability for people to find a balance or a solution will be both disheartening and scary.

Saturn in Libra is saying “I’m over here trying to negotiate a solution and you are over their ‘feeling’ everything. Knock it off!” Watch the cry babies that come up this month and watch how little patience anyone has for them. Public opinion is Cancer and it is going to try to rally the attention of others but it is not going to work this cycle. For those people who have a history of cajoling, browbeating, manipulating others into doing what they want---this is the cycle where it won’t work. We can see it and we aren’t responding. Saturn also brings up issues of worthiness. Perhaps we won’t feel deserving of good? Perhaps we’ll second guess any good that comes to us.

Where can’t we negotiate? Where are we feeling like little kids and we just don’t feel like giving in? Is it hard to rise above stuff? Pettiness will abound. Even people who normally get along might not flow as well as they usually do. Things will just feel ‘off’. Or we could just be colder this month and not care about stuff, we will feel removed. What do people do when we are detached? That will be interesting to watch.

Then there is Uranus in Aries which demands a big shake up, creativity and ingenuity and his square with the Sun and the Moon in Cancer will push impulses high. Earthquakes, both physical and emotional could be pronounced. But basically whatever house has the early degrees Aries is where you need a fresh start. You got a feel for it last summer, and then the feeling quieted down until March where it came back and began growing. Perhaps you scratched the itch when it came up but most likely you have just begun the processing. Under this moon Uranus is really getting your attention. You will feel a rub in areas of your life. You know they are demanding breakthroughs and breakouts; you are desperate for a change. The status quo is not enough. This is where Cancer feelings and emotions can be helpful. They will point you in the direction where you need to go but first you have got to get bothered. And with a Sun/Moon square Saturn and Uranus prepare to get bothered much this month.

Cancer also rules food and nutrition. Personally, comfort eating may be high but at the same time home gardening (Cancer) will be highlighted. Globally, the tension between the planets may once again bring up issues regarding food safety

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  1. Thanks for describing this article about Cancer New Moon here, it was a really interesting one to read. Cancer rules emotions, sensitivity, relationships and many more, i am a Cancerian and i just can't stop praising this post of yours...Nice share...!!