Sunday, May 1, 2011

Taurus New Moon 2011!

I posted the full article for Taurus New Moon over at Margaret Wendt's site.

It is going to be a lovely 28 day lunar cycle. I think it is exactly what we need after such a feiry and action packed Aries month. Phew! I'm just exhausted thinking about the last cycle. Man.

Anyway, you will all probably feel relief as everything starts to slow down. We will have a moment to catch our breath but because there are still so many planets in Aries we will not collapse. We will continue to move and in this case build upon opportunities that will clearly show up. Here is a snippet of the article but go to the link for the whole post.

TAURUS –Where there is a way---build upon it.

A small confession. Sometimes when I draft a chart for a new moon, I ask myself if this chart was not a Moon’s chart but instead was the chart of a human, “Would I like this person? Many times the answer is NO. But I have to say with this chart, I would like them. Especially, now having completed 28 days of Aries.

Last month we were fiery, we were all action, we were racing so hard that we could barely see straight. But we knew we had to do it because that is what Aries calls upon us to do—get straight and get out in front of stuff and get out in front our future. Thus, the Treasure Maps.

But now we are in Taurus and Taurus likes to SLOW things down. Way down. The catch phrase for Taurus should be, “Hold on.” It is the first earth sign of the zodiac and it is earthy. It likes to dig in the dirt and put down roots. It is grounded. Super grounded, like the 737s in Southwest Airlines. Taurus doesn’t fly up high they want what is nearby. They like to be invited to the party and they might even throw the party but don’t get Taurus to go out on the limb. They are not interesting in going out of their comfort zone. They want to keep things close so they can control their world (as if anyone can really control their world). They are adverse to risk taking. But get them to build upon their own success slowly, bit by bit? They are all over that path! And they do it beautifully. While others fritter away time and money Taurus will slowly put something away until they have a real concrete result. It is not a surprise that Taurus rules real estate, properties and to a certain extent money and banks. They really get the value of holding something. A little bit at a time and they will get where they want to get. Of course, as grounded as they can be, they are also very stubborn and that is their greatest blind spot.

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