Thursday, September 24, 2020

Saturn, Saturn, Saturn --station direct September 28.



September 28 

10:11pm PDT 


Feb 3         Saturn enters shadow 

May 10      Station retrograde 1 Aquarius 57

Sept 28     Station direct 25 Capricorn 20

Jan 3         Saturn leaves shadow 


Saturn as we have discussed, began the year with a Pluto conjunction.  It then traveled into Aquarius the final air sign of the zodiac.  Aquarius speaks to humanity.  Saturn is boundaries and as it unfolded humanity was pushed into quarantine. It appears Saturn is not subtle this year.     We also have relied on technology which is ruled by Aquarius.  Saturn will return to Aquarius on Dec 16.  Then on Dec 21, Jupiter will conjunct Saturn at 0 degrees of Aquarius.  Jupiter conjuncts Saturn every twenty years but this one will set off a two- hundred-year cycle of air sign conjunctions.   It is notable that all year I have brought up that there has been a conversation around ‘breath’.   “I can’t breathe” and George Floyd and now the Western US is covered in smoke.   Saturn in Aquarius coupled with North Node in Gemini remind us to stop and breathe.    Take a moment, slow down, Saturn does not rush anything.  Aquarius is the final mental sign; it communicates but in a weird way.  Consider going to your inner self and look for a red light and green light.  Access it so you can always find an answer for “Should I _____?”  See if you get a red or green light for an answer.       


In the meantime, we have to clean up issues still left unresolved in Capricorn.   Once Saturn turned retrograde in May it began to revisit all it had uncovered since Feb 3.   Capricorn is industrious and creates systems and patterns that serve great numbers of people.  It can serve the greater good. At the same time, business, banks and government are all in the wheelhouse of Capricorn.    It is no surprise that during this time people are asking what they want of their government and leaders.  They also have questions about how big business runs.  Sustainability in all areas is up for review.  We are also questioning our own personal sustainability (jobs, relationships, style, health) whether it is in practices or thinking.   There will be bumps and hurdles in the mundane and personal worlds.   Look back to Feb 3 and wonder what you could have activated then?   And had you stayed focused what would be the results now?  If you feel like you missed the boat, do not get caught up in depression.  Instead find that missing discipline and access it now in Virgo.   Consider how much you will accomplish between now and January 3 (Saturn leaves the shadow point).   Remember we will not have Saturn in Capricorn again for about 28 years.   Use this time to its most advantage.  How nice it turns around in Virgo lunar moon where we are willing to focus on our habits.  Make the habits work for you.  

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