Thursday, April 2, 2009

Venus Square Pluto

Venus Square Pluto----
Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang.

Friday April 3 6:22am (EDT)

Twice a year Venus bitch slaps Pluto (ouch- can I say that?) And today is the day the aspect is exact.
Let's go over it for a second. Venus is the definition of love, creativity, money and all the other things that we VALUE and here she is getting into it with talk dark and deadly Pluto. Of course, Pluto who is usually brooding and plotting and figuring out how to drain the power out of something ---does not like Venus trying to charm him. And usually when it is over, it is Venus who regrets it.

And since Venus is about money---we should expect money in the news...what's new? I know. But the fact that the G20 is taking place under this aspect should make everyone shudder (It sure is a wee bit daunting to this astrologer) but so it is.

So, what broke in the news a few hours before the aspect? Funny you should ask, the G20 has agreed to 1.1 trillion to stimulate the world economies. And if you don't mind me thinking for you----This is not good. Because like James Bond seducing a sexy KGB agent, it ain't going to be good for the pretty gal. Which would be Venus---which means our MONEY.

And because in order to make 1.1 trillion--they have TO PRINT MONEY. OUCH!

Of course, CNBC pundits are dancing around like little girls announcing, "The bottom is over, the bottom is over." Not quite, my friends---this is coming back to bite us. We will learn more of the trouble around the first week of August (opposition) and then later in October (square) when Venus goes in for more trouble with Pluto.

NOw what does this mean for all of us personally? Covert activities in the name of love do not do anything helpful this day or the whole weekend. If anyone says to you, "I'm only telling you because I love you....." Run the other way. They are NOT telling you that out of love. It is all about power, baby. Ignore them and instead start thinking of a solution to your money problems. That is the best way to use the square!


  1. I just have to say that I have never ever under any circumstances considered "I'm only telling you this out of love" to be a GOOD thing. Pluto vs. Venus or not. LOL

  2. Oh holy Cow! I should always stop by your blog before opening my big mouth. I broached the subject of polyamory with my husband a couple of hours ago. Let's just say it was a subjective better left alone, atleast considering your blog post!

  3. On a different note and in fact what brought about the aforementioned conversation. Iowa is now 1 of 3 states where it is legal for homosexuals to marry. Which is a great step forward for civil liberties.
    I would be interested how that fits into the venus square pluto.

  4. Singermama, yep, I gotta say my instinct is to avoid "out of love" talks at all costs..either as a giver or receipient. (sigh--wishing for spell check on blogger) And I have Mercury Trine Pluto and I still don't really dig them. Even when someone solicits data..I am not usually up for it. I figure they probably know the data anyway.

    MIA: Remember, it is Venus who usually later regrets trying to get Pluto to do her wishes. Suggestion, if your husband brings it up--table it for awhile. At least until this aspect is sputtered out.

    I heard that about Iowa today while I was driving this morning. Perhaps a wrong will be righted by the move. But I gotta say I wish it had happened on a venus/pluto trine or sextile or even better a venus/saturn aspect. My gut is that someone is going to rear up on this oen with a later response/ramification. We'll see.