Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Do you feel the energy? Go for it.

Venus Conjunct Mars

Tonight and all day today the sparks will be flying----because at 7:19 pm (EDT) Venus and Mars will do the deed and get on top of each other. Even if you don’t know astrology somewhere along the way you have heard about Venus, the goddess of Love and Mars the planet of war (and passion). With a conjunction it means they are on the same degree. Which if I can, let me set the visual for you, if you are older this is Liz and Dick drama. Or for the younger sets, Angelina and Brad drama or Britney Spears and anyone drama. Just a big power trip between, “Love me because I am beautiful” “No. Be with me because I want you.” Who is whom is up to you.

We can see our money and values (Venus) get activated and need some action (Mars) by us. “Whoops, I’ve got to get a check to the bank before another one bounces!” At the same time there might be a confrontation (Mars) that needs our attention and instead of it being hard and ugly it could go a lot smoother (Venus) than we planned. And if you are in a relationship and are in love then by all means head to the bedroom and make it all good in your hood.

Additionally, this conjunction is taking place in the last degree of Pisces so you should take a look at last night’s dreams (Monday night) and tonight’s dream. Our unconsciousness is getting probed literally and figuratively by the Mars and his spear and Venus is coaxing him. Together they could say to you---“What are your dreams telling you? What is your gut saying to you?” Love and action can help process out the fears. Go for it.
On another note:
Yesterday's mini blood letting on the stock market should not be a surprise given that Venus turned direct last Friday a few minutes before the stock market closed. It all got processed out yesterday.

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