Thursday, April 9, 2009

Full Moon April 9

Libra Full Moon

As always we feel our emotions pulled during the full moon. Everything is so black and white. Every thought and feeling is either the most brilliant wonderful fantastic expression of joy or the saddest, bleakest most depressing expression of pain. Highs and Lows. And that is true for MOST full moons. But I believe you will find that this full moon is not nearly as dramatic. Relationships will be a bit flustered since it is a Libra Moon but Neptune and Jupiter are making a lovely aspect to the moon and the Sun also gets a nice perk from Jupiter. Some of our wishes and dreams will feel like a real possibility. Good (that is why we made our treasure maps, isn’t it) and at the same time we have a deep spiritual connection. Even if you think God is nothing but a giant peach don’t be surprised that on full moon you get the feeling that you and the peach are in synch. Additionally, the communication will be deep and to the point liberating many of us from the burden of pretense thank you, Mercury trine Pluto.


  1. Shanti just said yesterday Her God is Indiana Jones.

  2. LOL! perfecto! Indiana Jones is a perfect Mercury Trine Pluto. Good for Shanti to pick up on it already!