Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mars Opposition Saturn

Today April 4 at 8:55pm (EDT) Mars in Pisces will oppose Saturn in Virgo. Now, an opposition from Mars to Saturn is a fairly regular event. Meaning it happens about every two years or so. Basically, so you can understand it--imagine an old man walking around a high school track. He is not going that fast but he is progressing. Now imagine a young fit man moving at a faster speed. Eventually that young fit man will run right by the old man and get on the opposite side of the track from the old man. The young fit man is Mars, the old geezer is Saturn.

Everytime Saturn moves into a new sign he knows that eventually Mars will be in the opposite sign. The last time Mars got into it with the old man was in 2007 when Saturn was in Leo and Mars was in Aquarius. Go back and look at the cover of People magazine during that time, the rise and fall of Britney Spears, the love match love loss of Brad, Angelina and Jennifer, the over all celebration of celebrities had hit an all time high or low depending on your perspective. While at the same time the celebration of the ordinary guy in reality TV was also clogging our airwaves --Classic, "Celebrate ME!" Leo versus "No Celebrate US" Aquarius.

Now old man Saturn is in Virgo and aren't we all celebrating the accountant right now? HOw perfectly Virgo and given the mess Wall Street is in. Forget the CEO, let's cherish the auditor! Virgo also rules health and hygiene, and food stuff (actually shares it with Cancer).

And the young guy is Mars. Who if I (deliberately) forgot to mention is not just a young fit guy, he is also a fit warrior. And Mars is suited up and ready to fight in the sign Pisces. Pisces rules health care, spiritual things, the world behind the other world like big business, hospitals and prisons to name a few.

Quick lesson: Pisces is the sign of the two fish swimming in the ocean. An ocean is a world unto itself. When you are sitting on shore do you have any idea what is going on behind that shimmering blue water? Behind that aquatic wall there are fish fighting for their lives, plankton growing, dying, sea turtles poking into kelp nests, seahorse birthing and eels slipping in and out of rockes. It is a world behind a world. And that is Pisces. So, it coulld be IBM, Microsoft, GM, SingSing, Kaiser, you get the drift.

And it should be noted that The Government is both ruled by Capricorn and Pisces. Capricorn is the power behind it but the way it runs, is very Pisces. A world behind a world. Just some days you don't know what is going to show up, will it be the Cap or the Pisces. Yuck.

Anyway back to today. So here we have Saturn in Virgo and Mars in Pisces getting into it. Pisces, the biggest martyr and Virgo the sacrificial Virgin. Great.

As tempted as it may be this weekend try to avoid the tendency to play 'CAN YOU TOP THIS?" and tell everyone how shitty of a life you have--- "You think your situation is bad, let me tell you about mine.." First of all, there is always someone who has it worse than you so get over it.

And secondly you should try to avoid is general martyr stuff. "Okay I will do it because no one else will." Please knock that stuff off. You are doing it because you are doing it. The end. Let's not talk about it or think about it. Just do it. Why am I saying that? Because if you honor Mars and he is a warrior you just know the action that needs to be done and you do it. Where it gets all 'effed up is when you try to make more of it.

And Saturn in Virgo? We are all making sacifices. We have to just Man up and do it. Again, no need to make more of it than that. And here is where the goodies are----if you can find the energy from Saturn to take care of the details and take care of business and not make more of it. And if you can slay the dragons that mars is asking from you and again not make more of it..and this includes your heart. Even if you don't act like a martyr with your family and friends it is also important not to feel it in your heart. YOU ARE JUST TAKING CARE OF SHIT. Okay. It is that simple. But when you can do this stuff now expect some benefits by the time Mars in Aries Opposes Saturn in Libra in two years. That is such a critical time for relationships and self awareness that you want to be ready to use it to your advantage. Best way to do that is to use Saturn and Mars now to your advantage.

Just do it.

Oh, and if we see crazy (forgot to mention that part) Pisces energy and a martyr making a public show of something--don't be surprised by it and don't make more of it. There will always be crazy people doing things that are misguided. Moving on.

edited to add: One final note. If you go back to my New MOON article HERE you will see that even though Mars and Saturn are exact today, they are influencing the whole 28 day Lunar cycle. So, you must try to avoid the martyr stuff all during this cycle, it is most pronounced this weekend but really it flies for the whole month.


  1. wow that is great info. does this affect capricorns and pisces more than others?

  2. It effects Pisces and virgos the most...specifically those around 16 degrees...which would be sept 9 and march 9 birthdates...a day or so before and a day or so after..they feel the pinch!

  3. Tracy, it is great being connected to your brilliant and fun mind this way.

  4. Hi, Linda!
    I have been thinking about you for the last week. I am going to email you later today!