Monday, April 13, 2009

Pirates? A little fall out of Mars Oppose Saturn

Back on March 26, I wrote on the Aries New Moon (which you can find here) that one of the influences for this 28 day lunar cycle was the tug and pull of Saturn and Mars. The two planets are in opposition and on April 4 the aspect was exact. I mentioned that the Mars in Pisces is the very energy of a drunk pirate. Interestingly a few days after April 4, pirates yo-ho-yo-hoed themselves into the news when they took over a tanker. As of this morning's post they are now morte, by the action of US Navy Seals. Three shots ended the drama. How perfectly Mars in Pisces Oppose Saturn in Virgo. For those who care here is the text I wrote about the opposition and its infuence this cycle.

The Standoff: Saturn and Mars

So, we have Pluto sitting up all high and mighty in Capricorn zapping Moon/Sun/Mercury/Venus in Aries which gets them all fired up about something. And at the same time, somber Saturn in Virgo is opposing Mars in Pisces during this lunar cycle. It will take place exactly on April 4. But the energy will be felt on the entire lunar cycle. What do we know about these two? Well, Mars the warrior is fighting for the spiritual cause (Pisces) while Saturn in Virgo is saying “Not so fast. We have details to work out.” Expect more discussions about health care during this cycle. It is a mess and it is huge. The energy could also put more pressure on our food source, something fuzzy (Mars in Pisces) is in the mix. Of course Virgo is a sign filled with government bureaucracy and Mars in Pisces will point out some major fuck up. But whatever the issues that do come up, Saturn in Virgo thinks that the answer can be found by sorting through the details line by the line while Mars knows that the answer is to set the whole thing on fire and throw it off the bridge. Perhaps the answer is in between? We’ll see if we can get there. And God forbid if someone takes this opportunity to show the world why his or her religion is the best of all. If so, they will not like the backfire results. Of course, neither Virgo or Pisces are necessarily the signs ruling the economy but Saturn is all about business and has much to say about the economy and Mars in Pisces could be best described as a drunk pirate. Are there more Bernie Madoff’s? Will the bow break?

On a personal level we will continue to feel we don’t have enough time to do anything. We wake up in the morning and then about ten minutes later it is time to go to bed and we have not accomplished enough on our To-Do list. This is the cycle to prioritize your list. Seriously, take away the fuzzy factor in your own life. What really needs to be done? Have your “come to Jesus” moment about your life and say it clearly, “I am never going to fix ___ so I am moving off of it.” Aren’t you tired of feeling preoccupied or guilty about that unfinished thing on your list? Take the opportunity of this aspect to really assess if it needs to still be a topic in your life. I imagine there will be many people addressing their finances one more time under this aspect and perhaps many will opt for bankruptcy. It might be the right move to get back to center and give them the time they need again. When I ponder this aspect and given the energy we are feeling between Pluto and all the Aries planets, plus the ongoing Uranus Saturn aspect that we are under all year…. An image comes to mind of that famous scene from NETWORK starring actor Peter Finch who plays Howard Beale

“This is not a psychotic breakdown; it's a cleansing moment of clarity”

He then goes on to say

“Goddamnit! My life has VALUE!' So I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window. Open it, and stick your head out, and yell 'I'M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!'

I can’t shake this image when I think about some of these aspects. It might not be as dramatic as the film but certainly the energy is very similar to our astrological aspects this cycle. So, if you feel like you just want to explode, it is not you. It’s your inner Howard Beale speaking.


  1. Pretty cool when you're right about something like that, isn't it?

    And the pirates did the Pisces martyr thing, too, didn't they? No, we won't exchange prisoners, no we won't accept any offers, no we won't negotiate. And Saturn says OK, and in true Virgo style uses very precise sniper fire to end the game.

    Wonder if there will be some aftermath or related story when Mars is exactly conjunct Uranus later this week?

  2. Yep, Zann, I was wondering about the conjunction too...I still think there is going to be a piece of business in the bernie madoff school of drama to play out but the pirate thing is not over that is for sure, matey!