Friday, April 17, 2009

The Re-Birth of Venus: Lessons learned?

Venus turns direct today (March 17) at 3:25pm (EDT). Thank gawd.

Venus the planet of love and things that we value (like money) has been retrograde for the last six weeks (since March 6) and outside of Mel Gibson’s attorney (who got a phone call last week that really helped his 401K) the rest of us have been experiencing a steep learning curve. All the things that we value have generally looked weak or have been challenged or at the very least we are re-evaluating them. Venus retrogrades happen about every year and half, and when they come up they ask us to look at the things that mean so much to us and see if they still have meaning by the end of the retrograde.

Is that boyfriend who you were crazy about six weeks ago still so charming? And how about that investment you thought could pull through this economic nadir: does it still feel like it will have wings for a take off? Six weeks ago you may have joyously gave your time freely to something you thought was so important and now on the other side of the retrograde you are saying to yourself, “I have got to get off this project.”

Basically all that was so beautiful back in the beginning of March may not be so shimmery now. But at the same time on the other side of this retrograde we are seeing things that maybe we did not value prior to March 6 with new eyes. Perhaps that old tired thing that meant so little to us in the winter now feels like the right place to invest our time, love and appreciation.

With a Venus in Pisces we are exploring the bigger meaning of life: how do my values fit in with my connection to source? Of course, one has to be careful with interpretations that feel divinely designed since Pisces can also be deceptive and delusional. “God told me..” kind of stuff can be troubling. Ah, the rub.
The good news is that this Venus retrograde is in the last degree of Pisces (29 degrees 12) and when we are in the last degree of any sign we can feel a hint of the upcoming sign which in this case is Aries. The Ram is positive and forceful and inspires us with possibilities. If your energy has felt draggy like a cold that won’t go away, now finally you should feel a hint of lift. But remember the lessons you learned in the last six weeks. They have merit. Our next Venus retrograde won’t be until the fall of 2010 so these lessons need to stick for awhile.


  1. It's interesting to look back to early March and what I was thinking and doing, then. Got an offer of something lovely that is really getting going, now, as Venus turned direct. Started doing something nice for myself that has become an almost daily ritual.
    If retrograde is turning inward, Venus retrograde can be about loving yourself, no? I've been focusing on that and have gained a lot of lovely understanding. It fits well with what you said about feeling out if we really want things we've gotten ourselves into, or not. Good to check in with one's self!

  2. I agree an inward Venus could be about love of self. So many of us are so outward forcus--do, do do..which on one hand can be great, but then on the other hand so many of us our lost in terms of our own needs.

    My own personal experience with the venus retrograde was to re-evaluate a lot of my energy sucks...things that take up so much of my time. I'm re-thinking about how much they will get from me now and I promise you by the time of the next venus retrograde in 2010 they will not be getting even half as much of my time!

  3. Sounds like a plan! Reclaiming your own energy and time is certainly an act of self-love! You're putting yourself as a higher priority than all those other things... which is as it should be.