Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mercury You-know-what

Mercury retrograde 
June 7, 2014
7:57am EDT

Mercury turns retrograde on June 7th at 4 degrees Cancer and it won’t turn direct until July 1 at 24 Gemini, the shadow dates are May 24th and July 15. Every Mercury retrograde has a lesson.  The first lesson is of course—slow down.    Double check all paperwork, reservations, avoid major purchases or signing important documents. 

But the real gift and yes this is a gift, treat Mercury retrograde as a brain reboot especially a retrograde in the Gemini lunar cycle.  This is a mental rewiring.  What are we rewiring?  Because the retrograde is in Cancer, the wiring will be first and foremost about Cancer issues, which speaks to our family and our emotions & our feelings, our food, our home, our childhood.  

Also, we may finally rewire our brains to stop taking things so damn personal.   Perhaps the switch will finally go off that says, “Oh, I get it, that guy/gal is an asshole and it has nothing to do with me not being  smart enough, fun enough, pretty enough, rich enough, clever enough, thin enough,  nice enough –fill in the blank enough –for them to treat me better. They are just an asshole. “    “And now what am I going to do about it?”  

See the need for rewiring?    Don’t be surprised if you have a different take on all that stuff by the time Mercury turns direct on July 1st and definitely by the end of the unwind culminating July 15th.       And yes, there will be a couple weeks when the retrograde will be processing Gemini so we will be rethinking our communication both what we want to talk about what we want to hear.    If the days get stressed and if people have a sharp tongue (a Gemini trait) remember this is the cycle where we are dexterous.  Perhaps we will return the comment with our own sharp barb, perhaps we will use humor to diffuse tension, perhaps we end the conversation and go talk to someone we like.   The key is flexibility!

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