Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sag Full Moon

Sagittarius Full Moon
June 13,  12:11 am EDT

When the moon is in Sag we are stretching.   We are reaching out to others, we are building bridges; we are engaging things that are ‘foreign’.   We are getting an education.   We are traveling.   We wonder what is around that corner, in that book, in that language?  We are curious.    That’s what we do when we are processing the Sag energy in an elevated manner.    When we are twisted up tight and not so elevated we take the Sag energy in a different manner (to say the least).  We are righteous, we are prejudice, we are judgmental.  We know the right path, thought, vote and everyone else is WRONG.  We are opinionated zealots and god knows our religion is the ONLY one.   That is what Sag looks like when it is taking THAT path.  

On the full moon with Gemini Sun we are balancing the Sag energy with the Gemini’s need to be light and fun.  Gemini is also curious.  They are open to meeting and greeting.   They can find a story in every event.  He is not as serious as Sag but they both enjoy a good party.  They are both fun and people enjoy having them around.  But when Gemini is misbehaving he is rudderless and not good with follow through or commitments.    He is so dang funny and a great conversationalist that we forgive a lot.  

As we know Mercury is retrograde which is the ruling planet for Gemini so our communication is a bit tweaked on the full moon.   Adding to the tension is a  Sun/Moon square with Chiron in Pisces.   Watch the conversation on this full moon. A wrong comment at the wrong time could have a ripple effect that no one wants.    Some story about some victim will be big.   And there is a story bigger than whatever we see but we just can’t do much about it.  Just take each day as it comes. Or take it one hour at a time.  

As always we do need to look at this full moon in context of the bigger picture and as we previously discussed Venus opposes Saturn on Friday.  Mars Squares Pluto on Saturday which is a call back to mid April for the big cardinal crosses.   We may be revisiting topics from then.    Tension is great.    Rubber bands are pulled tight.    Watch your driving.  Watch your tongue.  Watch your texts.   If people are feeling unhinged remove yourself.  

Finally, if you can access the lighter side, open side of Gemini and the welcoming & expanding side of Sagittarius, consider this full moon, even with the skanky Venus and Mars energy, as an opportunity to get a vision on what you want off in the future.  

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