Friday, June 6, 2014

A little bit of cuckoo this weekend....

The weekend starts off with the Moon in Libra.  As we know things get a tough when the moon is in a cardinal sign.    Watch the moods go up and down over the next couple of days.  Here is your score card:

June 6 10:02pm EDT   Moon enters Libra
June 7 4:10am  EDT Moon square Mercury
June 7 7:31pm EDT Moon conjunct Mars
June 7 10:51pm  EDT Moon square Pluto
June 8  4:13am EDT Moon oppose Uranus
June 8 7:44am  EDT Moon trine Sun
June 8 3:47pm EDT Moon square Jupiter

Also as we have already discussed on Saturday Mercury turns retrograde 7:57am EDT. 

Then on Monday Neptune June 9th will turn retrograde at 3:51 pm EDT.

Every year Neptune spends six months going backwards and there is a case to be made that he prefers it that way.  Nonetheless he will move from 8 degrees to 4 degrees of Pisces when he turns direct on November 16.   Our dreams, our intuition, our fogginess will speak to us. Imagine your psyche going on a little boat out in the sea, being pulled into different currents.  Where will you be on the other side of the journey? The key is finding faith in the journey.    The key is finding creativity in the journey.  The key is finding self while enjoying getting lost in the journey.    Your intuition will be calling you; will you pick up the phone?  


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  2. Vse od sobote, 7.junija 2014 je Amanda uradno samo moja punca in ne da mi jo ti satanovi služabniki jemljejo.