Monday, June 30, 2014

Mercury Direct


Mercury turns direct on July 1.   Does anyone need me to tell you what a relief it will be to get this little guy straight again?  Lord. The retrograde began on June 7 at 4 Cancer  and it turns direct at 24 Gemini.    As we discussed last month the gift of the Mercury retrograde especially one that is in the Gemini lunar cycle is an opportunity to re-program our brain.   What has been going on with you since June 7?  Or actually if you want to push it back to the shadow point, what has been going on since May 24?  What nonsense have you heard?  Or what nonsense have you shared?   Where have you been challenged?  Why?  Have you learned anything from this process?  And most of all have you learned patience?    Some of us no doubt learned that we are tired of being so emotional.   Others learned that they can’t share data or information with some people because they run with it in a destructive manner.    Have you learned how to manage what you say to people?    Yeah, it is hard but it is a skill that is in much demand.   Some people like to shoot off their mouth without thinking.    Not so cool.    Anyway, on July 1st (8:38am EDT)during the Crescent lunar phase Mercury turns straight.   Given that position we should see some benefits in dialogues within our family almost immediately.   And our brains should feel relief as well.   Phew.

Also on July 1  we move into Crescent Phase.  At the end of the week the Sun will oppose Pluto as it does every year.   The fireworks will not just be in the sky that day.  Family could be full of misbehaviors.

Crescent Moon Phase
July 1
6:16am EDT

Focus on:  What are you learning that speaks to your self esteem and pride? How are you activated by pleasure and joy?  What are you learning that speaks to courage?  What communication are you having that brings out drama?

Special Focus:

7/4: Sun/Pluto:  Family and emotions versus being an executive and CEO. Finding balance between the two worlds. 

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