Saturday, February 21, 2015

This Week

We are still in New Moon until 11:49pm EST  Saturday Feb 21.
If you are reading this and you still have time...plant some seeds that speak to your place in your tribe.   Are you holding a missing piece to a puzzle that you might not even know exists?  Or maybe someone is holding a puzzle piece for you?  How are you tuning into the world around you?  Are you letting information come to you?   Can you take a moment and breathe before you react too quickly?   How are you connected to others?  How do you matter?  Are you marginalizing yourself or your impact?  Are you marginalizing the impact of others or tribe?  

Reach out....stir the pot...see what it brings you in the rest of the lunar cycle.

You are not alone...listen for the radar beeps.

And even after New Moon moves into Crescent phase we are still collecting information about our place in the world.   Where do we need to exert independence to find our tribe?  

Crescent Moon Phase
February 21
11:49pm  EST

Focus on:  What are you learning about your independence?  What are you learning about shooting straight?  What are you learning about breaking free? What are you learning about putting YOU first?  

Special Focus:

2/23: Sun sq Saturn:  Religion vs Spiritual. Righteous versus ‘lost’.  
2/24: Venus Trine Saturn:  Love of hard work.  Working hard for love.  Being practical about love. 

First Quarter Moon
February 25
12:13pm EST
Focus on:  What actions can you take that support your communication? What actions can you take that support your neighborhood?  What actions can you take that support you connecting with others?  What actions can you support you being ‘light’?   What actions can you do that support NEW thinking?

Special focus
2/25:  Mars Trine Saturn.  Actions build toward future.   Taking visions and putting them to work. 
2/25:  Sun con. Neptune.  Dreamy, disconnected.  Highly sensitive.  

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  1. Hudobni duh in njegov satanov služabnik mi jemlje mojo ljubezen za katero veliko molim.