Saturday, January 31, 2015

Thomas Edison ...yes, Mr. Aquarius....

This week I watched An American Experience:Thomas Edison.   Honestly, I like Tesla more but that doesn't mean I can't  appreciate Edison.   Edison was an Aquarius and I was thinking what a perfect time to watch his life story.   He really is so Aquarius.  The inventor of the light bulb had nothing but 'light bulb' moments his entire life.   Many of his brilliant thoughts we all benefit from today.   God knows I like electricity.    He also had monumental failures.   But he never let the failures stop him from pursuing the next bulb.   As a fairly young man he invented the phonograph, much to Alexander Bell's annoyance.   Then Edison and his team invented the light bulb.  

Unfortunately, Edison did get out in front of his skis with his ego.   Edison was not educated enough to have the math skills to figure out AC/DC currents and George Westinghouse won that battle.  But instead of holing up and going into a pity party he followed his brain on new ideas.  Again more failures however  he felt invigorated.  Thinking and pushing following light bulbs gave him spirit.
His fiery Moon in Sag is so much apart of his journey for sure. But the Aquarius is the brilliance and having vision and the story here.   In 1891 having already invented the light bulb and phonograph he and his team invented an early  motion picture....

Here is Annie Oakley being filmed in the first motion picture at Edison's studio in East Orange NJ.   He was in his 50's.

Edison was a complicated man, an ass for sure, competitive, ruthless and for sure, short fused and not in touch with his feelings (Ha! that is an understatement) but he was Aquarius and not afraid of his light bulb moments.  

We are almost half way through the Aquarius lunar cycle---are you keeping track of your own brilliant ideas and flashes of insight?  Are you jumping on them?   Are you dusting yourself off after any so called set backs?   Good.   Keep your light bulbs going.

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  1. Mene zanima kako boš preživela današnje Valentinovo. Verjetno boš spekla torto. In na to torto boš napisala svojo ime ter ime svojega satanovega služabnika. Zraven na to torto boš okrasila še celo srčke. Morda bo torta v obliki srca.
    Mislim, da se ne bom zmotil.
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