Sunday, January 4, 2015

Cancer Full Moon: January 4

Cancer Full Moon
January 4 2015
11:53pm EST

We are ringing in the new year with a Cancer Full Moon not because we want one but because we are getting it.   

This is an emotional moon, for sure.  

As we have been discussing all Capricorn lunar cycle it is critical for us to look at our place in the world and ask, “Am I doing all that I can in the outside world?”     When Cancer Moon is put against Sun in Capricorn we are challenged by what pushes our heart versus what pushes our ambition.    For some people “ambition” is an ugly word.    Yes there are some people who follow their ambition at the cost of family, relationships and even health.     But those people should not be the bar we compare ourselves.  Or more to the point we should not use those examples as the reason for us to hide from our own ambitions.    The car you drive was because someone showed up and put their ambition to work.   The dress you wear is because someone followed his or her ambitions.   The book you love is because someone followed his or her ambition.     Sun in Capricorn knows the power of showing up and putting your vision to hard work.    Gaining a healthy respect for ambition is critical during this full moon.  

Pluto is in top of the Sun oppose Moon in Cancer.  Pluto speaks to the patterns deep inside of us.  Perhaps patterns we don’t even know exist.  Pluto is our DNA.   What is that strain of DNA that is just like our mother and our grandmother?  Or our father our aunt and uncles?   Like the fairy tale story the “Princess and the Pea,” Pluto is that tiny bump inside us that no matter how many mattresses we put on it, we are uncomfortable.     What is that pea inside of us that just bugs?  What can we do to evolve out of it?  When can we tell our DNA, “Enough is enough”?   

Uranus the planet of revolution is in sharp angle to both Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Cancer.   Watch for things to come out of the blue and shake stuff up.   Drive carefully during this phase.  Why are you rushing?  Why are you behind in time?   Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and Saturn is the time keeper.   What needs to be cut out of your calendar?  What things are in your calendar that are mindless habits?   Moon in Cancer is our patterns within family.   Uranus against a Moon in Cancer wants to shake up patterns that we have outgrown.   Uranus wants to put space between us and our burdens.   Watch the snappy comments to family members.   What do those snaps say about patterns deep inside of you?   Is it time to evolve out of the ‘pea’?  

The Sun and Moon are in square to the nodes.  The North and South Nodes are portals that speak to our future and our past.   Impulsiveness.  Shooting off our mouth.   Taking a match to gasoline.  Going it alone because “Damn it, no one will be there for me anyway” is a misbehaving South Node in Aries.  North Node in Libra is looking at the other person.  Asking them what they think, feel, want and believe is critical.    Looking up from our daily life and realizing, “Oh, I’m not the only one here” speaks to North Node in Libra.  And above all, finding balance in our patterns is critical.  Where do we do too much?  Where do we not do enough?   Why do we start fights instead of making real healthy changes? 

During this full moon ask yourself:
What are my fears?  What patterns and habits are defined by my fears?  How do your habits and fears  rub up against your authentic self?    Is it time to let them go? 

What is being shaken up?  What is evolving?   How can I put myself out in the world?  And is it time?

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  1. Terrific Tracy! Our moon in Cancer sure knows this score.
    Ox, Carol