Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Week Ahead

The Week Ahead

We spend the weekend in the Gibbous Moon.    We are in an analyzing cycle this weekend.  The Gibbous Moon is the period before the Full Moon, a time to discriminate and organize.    This cycle we are focused on our thinking.

Focus on:
What have we missed about our thinking? Where is our thinking off?  Where is our thinking ‘right on’?  Analyze your communication.  How is it?  Are you a reliable narrator?  Or is it fuzzy?  What are you missing about your communication?

Special Focus:
2/1: Venus con Neptune:  Love is gentle. Intuition is lovely.  Bumps in love and money feel like they are melting.  Ah.
2/2: Sun sext. Uranus:   Sparks, the soul feels energized.  Purposeful friends make us feel alive.  

In the beginning of the week we move into Full Moon.

Full Moon Phase
February 3, 2015

 This full moon is focused on your GIFTS.    Your TALENTS.  What you bring to the party that NO ONE else brings.    The party needs your gifts.  Do you think you bring nothing special or of note?   Stop that nonsense now!!!   

A more detailed post to follow.

Special focus:

2/5: Mercury sext Saturn:  Work is easy and productive.  What did you almost forget that you are now doing?   The brain is relieved.  

2/6: Sun opp Jupiter: Everything feels bigger than God.  Where is the gravity pulling you?   Where are you trying to build a bridge but bumping into Ego. Try if you can to find the balance.   

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  1. Ti nisi čisto nič od medeja. In ne dajaj tako norih pesmi na svoj google. Ti si v resnici samo moja. Satan me zaradi tebe neprenehoma napada. Satan pa je v resnici oče laži. In da je ta medo ta merjasec ta aljaški grizli tvoj, to je največja laž na svetu.
    Nehaj že enkrat s tem pokvarjenka!