Friday, January 9, 2015

Today and the Weekend.

January 9
1:21a EST

I am happy to announce the full moon is over.  Lord.   We knew it was going to be emotional and rough.  Even if they don’t know astrology anyone in France can speak to the tensions of Uranus/Pluto/Nodes/ pressures on the Sun and Moon this Full Moon.  

Now we are in the Disseminating Phase.   What illuminations did we learn during the full moon?   What did we learn about our emotions and our ambitions?  And what have we learned in the last twenty days during Capricorn lunar phase?  What have learned about going for goals?    Now we can share some of our knowledge.      This Disseminating phase accents Virgo.     This speaks of daily routines, health & hygiene, daily work, pets, and above all bringing a detailed eye to any situation. 

Focus on:  How are you sharing your daily support?  How are you sharing your daily habits?  How are you sharing good health?   How are you sharing your ability to focus on details?  How are you sharing good work habits?  How are you sharing your ability to cross Ts and dot I’s?

Although it is not a large aspect there is tension between Mars & Uranus and Mars and Pluto.   Patience is in order.   No matter how hard it is, try to find your center.     

On Sunday Mars moves into moody, artistic, spiritual,  contemplative, dreamy or delusional Pisces.  More on that next week. 

Special focus:
1/9 Mars semisq Uranus:   Annoying upsets that push buttons.  Actions with others versus changes in self. 
1/10.  Mars semisqu Pluto:   Actions for others upset the status quo. 
1/10.  Sun semi squ Neptune :  Illusions are in play.  Not everything is what it seems. 

1/12  Mars enters in Pisces

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